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The horizontal dimension is a conceptual prison that we are locked in when we identify with "ego" and the "story of me". Our identity is formed by our thoughts and beliefs that orginate from our childhood role models, TV, movies, school, internet. All of it is programming and all of it links up with the collective mind - the "story of us".

The ego is trapped in time. Time, mind and ego are inseparable. The past gives the ego an identity. The future gives the ego the illusion of salvation. The past can only be relived through imagination. The future is also imaginary. NOW is all there is. It is all there ever has been and all there ever will be, yet most of our "time" is spent imagining the future and the past.

Collective madness is being totally lost and identified with time and the mirage of form. By fighting the madness, we get drawn into it and become it. We make an identity out of it. The stress in our lives is caused by reacting to content - events, people, news, places, the weather, ageing, dying, illness etc.

Crazy-making mind chatter occurs when we identify with the mental noise of our thoughts, beliefs and the story of me/us. Painful thoughts can only occur if we invite them into the present and give them our focus. The only way to escape the grip of mental noise is to take our attention away from thinking. How? By feeling the aliveness of our being. Thinking slows when it loses our attention and we re-focus on the aliveness of our breath and our body. Our inner being is what anchors us to the present moment.


A transformation of consciousness occurs when we enter the vertical dimension. A shift occurs by surrendering to the present and allowing everything to just be without identifying with it. It is being in the "now" and being aware of the "now" beyond content.

The "story of me" and the the "story of us" is content that we react to and identify with. A shift occurs when we embrace what is, not what was or will be. It is a shift from a thinking identity into "being" and "awareness". The illusion of content is no longer important to us because we realize we are "in this world but not of this world". Only then can we we escape from our conceptual prison and enter a state of joy and aliveness for no reason at all.

The drama that is playing out on our planet is the world of form. It is paint on a canvas. Surrendering to this moment does not mean surrendering to the "concept" of this moment but to actually "being" in this ever-present moment. It is the portal to transcendence.

To experience a shift and enter the vertical dimension, hold your hands apart. Your left hand is the past. Your right hand is the future. Slowly draw your hands together until they touch.

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