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New iphones For Dummies

August 23, 2013


The new Moto-X iphone is touchless. It uses speech recognition technology. No need to bother remembering things or consulting your own brain for information anymore. Just ask it for the time, weather, news, dates, email, calculations and you-name-it. It puts your brain in your hand.

Where is this new touchless technology leading? What will the next-generation of iphones look like? How about in five years from now (2018)?

Chances are, there won't be any iphones or ipads in five years from now. The trend is transhumanism. That means before you know it, technology will merge with human biology.


Remember the story of Little Red Riding Hood? Well if you can't remember it, ask your hand-held brain to remember it for you.

Anyways, Little Red Riding Hood's mother said to her, “Take this basket of goodies (iphones, ipads etc.) to your grandma’s cottage, but don’t talk to strangers (evil doers) along the way!”

Promising not to, Little Red Riding Hood skipped merrily off down the path (of ignorance). On her way, she not only lost her eye glasses, she lost her way. She met the Big Bad Wolf (transhumanist) who asked, “Where are you going, little girl?” “To my grandma’s house (paradise), Mr. Wolf!”, answered Little Red Riding Hood.

"Look in your basket of goodies for Google map and a GPS. That will get you there, safely", said the Wolf, faking a kindly voice. The Big Bad Wolf then ran to Grandma's cottage before Little Red Riding Hood, and knocked on the door. When Grandma (common sense) opened the door, he locked her up in the cupboard. The wicked wolf then wore Grandma’s clothes (deception) and lay on her bed, waiting for Little Red Riding Hood.

When Little Red Riding Hood reached the cottage, she entered and went to Grandma’s bedside. “My! What big (surveillance) eyes you have, Grandma!” she said in surprise. “All the better to see you with, my dear!” replied the wolf. “My! What big ears (surveillance) you have, Grandma!” said Little Red Riding Hood. “All the better to hear you with, my dear!” said the wolf. “What big teeth (power) you have, Grandma!”, said Little Red Riding Hood. “All the better to eat (control) you with!”, growled the wolf pouncing on her.

Little Red Riding Hood screamed and the woodcutters (enlightened few) in the forest (of confusion) came running to the cottage. They beat (destroyed) the Big Bad Wolf and rescued Grandma (common sense) from the cupboard.

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