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2013 Weapons Trade Show Is Beyond Sick!

September 8, 2013


"Arms are for hugging, not for killing" say the signs of protesters outside the world’s biggest arms fair in London this week! Billions $$$$$$$$$$$ in lethal weapons are being sold there for mass slaughter.

And guess what? One of the exhibitors is the company that supplied weapons to Syria!

The Russian government arms supplier called Rostec (Russian State Technologies Corporation) which sold to Bashar al-Assad three quarters of Syria's weaponry will be among the 1,400 firms. How sick is that???


Protesters said the decision to host Syria’s main arms supplier at the London weapons fair was “perverse to say the least” after David Cameron called for military strikes to punish Assad’s use of chemical weapons.

Pakistan is an exhibitor at the fair - selling one of the world's most diabolical of weapons - cluster bombs that can be air-dropped or ground-launched and release a shower of baby bombs that carpet entire cities.


DSEI is the world’s largest fully integrated defence (offense) exhibition that brings together the entire industry to view and buy the latest and biggest killer weapons and generate new weapons revenue. Based in ExCeL, London every two years, the event provides unrivalled access to key markets across the globe - including the ruthless dictator market.

The best way to generate billions in weapons revenue is to:

1) install dictators like Assad, Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi

2)bomb them

3) install another dictator who buys more bombs

4) then keep the cycle going.

Yes. The pschopaths who rule the world are that cold, ruthless, deceptive, scheming, power crazed and inhuman and so are men like Obama, Cameron and Netanyahu who serve them.

30,000 visitors and potential weapons buyers will attend the trade show. The DSEI describes the show as an "inspirational experience" !http://www.dsei.co.uk/

British anti-war campaigners have organized a high-profile six-day protest action in London as the government welcomes “the world’s worst human rights abusing regimes to shop for weapons”.

The protests have been organized by Stop the Arms Fair campaign group against the DSEi 2013 biennial arms exhibition, which touts itself as the largest fully integrated defense and security show in the world.

This year’s arms fair, planned for September 10-13, brings together 28,000 international weapons traders and their clients from more than 50 countries invited by the British government.

Back in 2011 London triggered controversy by inviting a number of governments, the British Foreign Office described as having human rights records “of concern”, including pre-revolution Egypt, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

Now Stop the Arms Fair campaigners say they want to target the week-long event and make it “as difficult as possible” for its weapon traders and clients to do business. The group has organized protests that will begin on September 7th and end on September 12.

The climax of the demonstrations will be September 8 when a huge gathering is planned in London as arms dealers arrive and try to set up at the fair. The week-long action will also include a silent vigil against drone wars in reaction to the decision to extend the fair by a day to include a conference on drones and a wreath-laying ceremony for the victims of the arms trade.

The action will end with a concerted effort named “Don’t let them dine in peace” that will see campaigners target arms dealers “wherever” they go “to celebrate their week of deadly business with an expensive dinner”, that will effectively disrupt elite districts in London.

British Prime Minister David Cameron has described arms trade as a key part of British economy in defiance of anti-arms groups.

Since May 2010 when Cameron took office as the PM, he has made foreign visits to 11 different countries including Egypt, India, the United Arab Emirates, Japan and Myanmar to promote British arms. The latest has taken Cameron to India, leading to what has been billed as Britain’s largest trade mission ever.
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