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How To Profit From Bad News

September 13, 2013


Have you noticed how the price of gold and silver and the value of the US dollar goes up and down like a toilet seat?

What's the cause? News. How can you profit? By knowing what's going to happen before it happens. When you know what's going to happen before it happens, and you make a "sure bet" on the stock market called a "put" or "call" option, you can make a fortune!

It's illegal and you can be charged with "insider trading" but that's what rich people with "connections" do and they get away with it.


Who's making "sure bets" and small fortunes from the gold, silver and currency fluctuations? Senators, congressmen, bankers, corporate and government VIP's and their family and friends.

Remember what billionaire Martha Stewart went to jail for? Insider trading. Martha Stewart is on the dinner party list of Evelyn Rothschild and so is Barbara Walters. Martha got tipped off and got caught but she capitalized and profited from all the media hype.

The media hype made an example out of public figure Martha Stewart so the public could believe that the phony ethics committee in Washington really works.


Of course, everyone knows that the price of gold and silver is manipulated. Gold's wild price gyrations are regularly fixed for the benefit of large banks and to the detriment of any retail investor trying to protect their wealth by investing in gold.

Professional traders and the army of day traders who watch the price gyrations day in and day out know the markets are manipulated. Everyone is at it. Traders in big financial institutions manipulate the market price by selling "big" when there is gold weakness which makes the gold price fall even steeper. Then they buy the gold back at a cheaper price and make small fortunes that add up to big fortunes!

Algorithms can raise gold prices in a second or two, creating big upward and downward spikes. Legitimate traders get royally screwed because of the price jumps and falls which trigger their "stop loss" and takes them out of the game. The trick is make sure you have enough money to cover the wild fluctuations and don't use "stop losses". Then you will never get taken down.


How do "insider traders" know what's going to happen before it happens? The Syria Crisis is a good example because as it heats up and cools, so does the price of gold and silver.

The corporate media monopolies recently sold us the news story that "with or without" allied support, Obama was ready to strike Syria, that he had the support of the Senate and that he was awaiting support from Congress. Insiders had already bought gold before it spiked on Obama's "attack Syria" news. They knew what the news would be before it became news.

Right after the gold price spiked on the "attack Syria" news, insiders sold their gold position knowing in advance about Russia's diplomatic solution of turning over Syria's chemical weapons. Gold fell and the insiders profited. When will they buy it back again? It's a secret they'll never share with you. They'l buy it back again when they know gold had bottomed out which will be just before the next hyped "false flag" crisis.

The news media and spin doctors are all part of the money manipulation game. So how do you profit from bad news? Run for office.

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