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'LIVE' Kenyan Terror On Twitter

September 22, 2013


"All Muslims leave!", yelled the two squads of "masked" gunman as they dashed into a popular Kenyan shopping mall and opened fire using AK-47 and G-3 assault rifles and throwing grenades.

Al Shabaab, an Islamist militant group based in Somalia, took responsibility for the attack, saying it was revenge for Kenya’s military operations in Somalia, which began nearly two years ago.

“Kenya will not get peace unless they pull their military out of Somalia,” said Ali Mohamoud Rage, the Shabab’s spokesman, in a radio address.

Kenya Mall Shooting = Hate Muslims Propaganda

All Muslims were warned to leave a popular Kenyan shopping mall as the "paid" masked gunmen targeted non-Muslims, slaughtering 43 and injuring 175. About one thousand people were evacuated.

During the blood soaked terror attack, the gunmen posted "Live" coverage of their rampage on twitter while they picked off non-Muslims like ducks in a shooting gallery. Several witnesses said one of the attackers was a woman.

The attackers bragged about their prowess before Twitter abruptly suspended the account late Saturday. Later, a new one was set up.

Today, there are still 5 to 15 gunmen inside the mall while many victims remain trapped or in hiding. Forty-nine people are missing, raising the prospect of a much higher death toll before the crisis ends.

  • The Israeli army are helping police flush out the gunmen
  • Witness says attackers told shoppers, non-Muslims were the targets of the masked terrorists
USA Today wrote this propaganda message: "Nairobi mall attack strikes against all of us. As on 9/11, terrorists are waging a war on our modern, democratic way of life. Today, we are all Kenyans."

The op-ed continues by stating:: The fight is not just a Kenyan, or African, fight. Somalia could be the new Afghanistan. A lawless, fundamentalist Somalia could incubate a Somali Osama bin Laden and new attacks on the USA, just as Afghanistan protected and nurtured bin Laden and al-Qaeda.

And: After the Nairobi attack, the message should be "We Are All Kenyans." Not just in our sympathy. But also in going all out to prevent another terrorist attack. Leaving Somalia to al-Shabab is not an option.


A secret report lays bare a web of shell companies, secret trusts and frontmen used to steal over two billion dollars worth of state money.

The suppressed U.K auditor's report details how Kenyan state finances were laundered across the world to buy properties and companies in London, New York and South Africa and even a 10,000 hectare ranch in Australia. The detailed report, commissioned by President Kibaki after his 2002 election victory but later suppressed, forensically investigates corrupt transactions and holdings by several powerful members of the Kenyan elite.

The Zionist "Goldenberg" scandal was made public 14 years ago and cost Kenyan taxpayers 400m, but no one has been found guilty and no politician has faced charges.

The scandal involved the payment of massive cash subsidies for fictitious exports of gold and diamonds by a ZIONIST firm called Goldenberg International. The charges over Goldenberg, a scandal which epitomised the corruption of the Moi government, come at a time when the new government is reeling from its own corruption scandal.

Today, the Israeli army and security bodies are supplying combat equipment and providing tactical advice to the corrupt Kenyan army units fighting alongside Somali government forces against Al Shabaab. We know how the Israeli government has a long history of playing both sides of the fence and protecting their Zionist interests.

Kenyan Muslims have good reason to fear a "backlash" over the Shopping mall shooting. This 'Live" staged terror attack is theatrical anti-Muslim propaganda - conceived, produced, directed and written by US/UK/Israel strategists with a “racist” New World Order agenda.

The engineered attack is designed to win anti-Muslim public support for more wars and more looting of Muslim nations.



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