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Prince William's New Job

September 24, 2013


Prince William is leaving his full-time armed forces job for his new full time royal parasite job.

Joy swept the nation when William and his millionaire "commoner" wife fulfilled their destiny and bred. 

Like watching paint dry, the world watched the endless minute to minute news coverage of the outside wall of the birth hospital.


What's in store for poor little George? A life of hard drudgery in his 20 room Kensington Palace home with a big, private walled garden, plenty of play space outside and servants for his every need. No family worries about a bedroom tax. No council tax and $2 million for refurbishing, compliments of commoner taxpayers.

William, Kate and George will use the ten bedroom Georgian Grade II listed house Anmer Hall on the queen’s Sandringham estate in Norfolk as their country retreat. Retreat from what exactly?

George will be trained like other royal kids to greet the queen with a kiss on both cheeks and a bow.  In return, he will get to play in the miniature Welsh cottage Y Bwthyn Bach—The Little House. This is fully furnished and has a kitchen and is set in the grounds of Windsor’s Royal Lodge. The tiny, white-washed thatched cottage was given to the queen for her sixth birthday from the people of Wales. Royal children have used it as a play den for more than 80 years.

George has other royal duties as well. He must appear on the Buckingham palace balcony for waving duties. 


The British Monarchy ended when Edward VIII abdicated on December 11, 1936. England’s statute laws, regarding the monarchy and line of succession, specifically requires the death of a crowned king and only a legitimate heir (a child he fathered) can succeed him. 

According to coronation procedures and statutory requirements for the Coronation Oath: “On the death of the reigning monarch, the person entitled to succeed to the throne does so as soon as his or her predecessor dies, as summed up in the phrase: “The King is dead; long live the King!”  Edward VIII did not die, he abdicated (quit), ending the German (Saxe-Coburg and Gotha) imperial control over England, Canada and all Commonwealth nations.

Edward VIII ceased to have any authority as monarch of Great Britain and its Commonwealth states when he abdicated. He violated his coronation oath and statute laws which required him to be King “for life” and upon his death his legitimate successor had to be his own child.  Edward VIII abdicated with no children. 

Edward VIII could not make any laws that infringed on the line of succession laws.  The Treason Act 1547 made it high treason to interrupt the line of succession to the throne established by the Act of Succession.  Edward VIII could not and did not have the legal right nor authority to interrupt the line of succession to the throne and allow his brother to assume the throne.

Not only are the royals not royal, they have no right to rule or call themselves royal or act in a royal capacity.


One other covered up fact is that the Roman Catholic Church has taken over the Church of England.

Look what the usurper royal family wears. They wear the Roman Catholic Crusader (divide and conquer). They wear the Order of the Garter (Knights of the Garter) uniform bearing the red cross of England upon a white shield - an emblem which dates back to the Roman Catholic’s Knights Templar. The Knights of the Garter are the inner sanctum, the elite of the elite of the Roman Catholic Order of St. John of Jerusalem.

Prince William was made the 1,000th member of the Roman Catholic Church’s Order of the Garter on 16 June 2008.



What can we expect Prince William to do in his new job as full time royal parasite? With the help of the bankster owned media monopolies and image makers, we can expect him to start making philanthropic save-the-world, save-the-animals, save-everybody speeches.

We can expect him to gradually step onto the world stage in a progressively Messianic leadership role.

We can expect him to be crowned Luciferic King at the magical Masonic age of 33 in the year 2015.

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