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Extreme Sports Waterproof Headband Camera

September 26, 2013


There's been an explosion of rugged camcorders over the last few years, and the most famous action cam is GoPro aimed at extreme sports.

The HERO3 is the latest model, available in three different versions. The range-topping Black Edition comes in two variants – regular, and a Surf version that includes surfboard mounts and ties.

The Black Edition has the highest-resolution sensor of all HERO3 models, and with it the top shooting specification. It has a 12 megapixel CMOS sensor that can capture motion video well above the usual high-definition 1080p standard.

GoPro has WiFi connectivity. The remote control bundled with the Black Edition uses a wireless link to provide control over switching shoot modes and toggling record on/off.


The GoPro can act as a mini hotspot to which you can connect your iPhone, and then the app lets you configure settings remotely and start recording. There's a mini video preview, too. This is handy because the standard GoPro bundle doesn't include an LCD display although you can buy an attachable one with touchscreen control over settings as well.

Aside from the Black Edition Surf, all three HERO3 models come with the same bundle of accessories including the GoPro waterproof housing to a depth of 60m. There are quick-release and J-Hook buckles.

Image quality is surprisingly good in most conditions. This is a fixed focus camera with no image stabilisation, but low light performance is commendable, and the image has plenty of detail.

The lens is small, but in Wide mode it provides an extensive field of view which causes a noticeable fisheye appearance, but this is potentially an advantage for action footage where you want to see as much of the surroundings as possible.

We didn't notice any chromatic aberration, and if you enable the Black Edition's Protune option, footage is captured in a less-processed mode, akin to RAW mode in stills images, so even more of the colour is retained.

Audio is not a strong point. It’s captured in mono only, at 48kHz sample rate, and the housing muffles the pickup considerably.

Overall, though, the GoPro HERO3’s new modes put it well ahead of its HERO2 predecessor. It also compares very well with other action cams such as the JVC ADIXXION, Dogcam MiniDVR HD, Panasonic HX-WA3, Sony bloggie Sport, Dogcam Bullet HD Wide and Samsung W200. The GoPro HERO3 is right at the top for image quality.

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