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Gordon Brown,

Prime Minister of Britain,

named as a "paedophile"

in child sex abuse ring

Paedophilia: The Hollie Greig Scandal, The Dunblane Massacre & the Scottish Cabal

Sunday, April 4th, 2010

For months we in Ireland have been scratching our heads, worrying and shouting out about the cover-up that has been going on within the Catholic Church regarding the abuse of children by ordained priests for the last 40 years or so.  Well there is a bigger cover-up one that goes to the heart of civilized society as we know it.  One that has massive political repercussions when it eventually does come out

All weekend long I have been struggling with this story that I know is there but needs the right slant.  With all the legal fears of publishing the truth, the papers in Britain have been hamstrung these last 15 years with dealing with this string of events.  The web is full of it, but every now and then, when an article crosses a particular line, the article or website is removed.  As you trawl through the web on this subject the more you see of the captions This page cannot be found or This page is lost.

So all I am going to do with this posting is to relate a few historical facts and give you a few web sites for you to wander through and ask you to make up your own minds.

Paedophilia is rife all over the world but never more so than in the higher echelons of English and Scottish society where it is possibly at the root of leading political thought and because most senior British politicians seem to be linked to Scotland, you could consider the fault lies completely in Scotland.  The land where freemasonry is said to have originated in the late 16th century.


Thomas Watt Hamilton, a known paedophile, walks into Dunblane Junior School and shoots dead 16 children and one teacher, subsequent reporting links George Robertson, the then Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland, with Hamilton.  The subsequent Cullen Enquiry covers everything up and slaps a 100 year rule on its findings.  Robertson went on to be Defence Secretary in Blair’s government and then Secretary General of Nato before disappearing off the radar in 2oo4.  Subsequent to this enquiry and its 100 year rule reporting of paedophilia in high places was rife in the British press before Tony Blair slapped a D notice on the papers and their editors forbidding them reporting on this matter and citing the oncoming war in Iraq and the damage this would have on military personnel.  So the continued exposure suddenly stopped in 2003 and is now reawakening.


Hollie was a young Downes Syndrone child who was continually raped and abused by her father, groomed elder brother and a ring of paedophiles in the Aberdeen area for 14 years.  This ring included policemen, lawyers and social workers.  It stopped in 2000 when this abuse was found out by and reported to the police by her mother. The case has been kept under close wraps by the now Lord Advocate of Scotland.

The case is amazing and terrible and needs a day studying it on the web to realise how truth is clamped down on when the authorities are implicated and how we the ordinary decent folk are organized.  Google Hollie Greig and read the shocking story of high level paedophilia, especially look at the five videos on YouTube of Journalist and Investigator Robert Green who explains the story well.

The names that keep cropping up and in no particular order or culpability are:-

Graeme Buchanan, Sherriff of Aberdeen.

Terry Major, a senior police officer with Grampian Police

Eilish Frances Angiolini, Lord Advocate of Scotland.

Dennis Charles Mackie, Hollie’s father and now resident in Portugal

Operation Ore, the police investigation into paedophiles on the web.

Robert Greig, Hollie’s uncle, found dead in a burning car in 1997.

Edinburgh University.

The Speculative Society, a mason’s lodge founded in Edinburgh University.

Peter Mandelson, Brown and Blair’s right hand man.

Lord Cullen, now Scotland’s senior judge.

Gordon Brown, Prime Minister of Britain.

George Robertson, one time Secretary General of NATO and now director of several large companies.

The FBI.


Some websites that lead to more:


www.propagandamatrix.com/blair protection.html

www.propagandamatrix/alleged paedophiles.html




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