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Israel Kills US-Iran Peace Talks

September 30, 2013



Netanyahu just arrived in DC on a "talk dirty" mission to kill new hope for peace in the Middle East and sabotage the "sweet talk" between Obama and Iran's new President Rouhani. It was the first direct conversation between any top U.S. and Iranian leaders since 1979.

Don’t trust Iran’s diplomatic “sweet talk!” Iran's new President is "a wolf in sheep's clothing". That’s the message Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu brings to his meeting today with President Obama.


Netanyahu and Israel’s unregistered foreign lobby AIPAC are on the warpath. Israel does not want peace in the middle east because it would force Israel to declare their massive nuclear inventory and to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Demonizing Iran as a “nuclear threat” keeps the coffers of US aid flowing. Peace spoils Israel's plans for hegemony in the region.

Netanyahu is a party pooper playing the role of Churchill faced by the Nazi regime. As the world cheers Iran's extraordinary change of tune, Netanyahu warns that Iran’s new interest in diplomacy is a trick meant to buy time so Iran can continue developing nuclear weapons. What about Israel's tricks to develop enough nuclear weapons to annihilate the entire middle east? What about Israel's nazi regime and the Palestinian holocaust?

With the media, the money and the Jewish lobby on their side, Netanyahu is lining up his puppets on Capitol Hill and selling his claim that Iran is “sweet-talking” vis-a-vis Rouhani’s promise to limit uranium enrichment for peaceful purposes only.


Netanyahu’s ‘Mission Kill’ INCLUDES a 4 Step Program:

1. Iran Must Halt ALL Uranium Enrichment

2. Iran Must Remove ALL Previously Enriched Uranium

3. Iran Must Close Its Qom Uranium Enrichment Facility

4. Iran Must Halt Plutonium Development

Unlike Israel, Iran has signed on to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and Iran has every right to peaceful nuclear energy. Rouhani is BOLDLY isisting that Israel do the same - sign on.

By POSTING DEMANDS last week to every hack on Capitol Hill who is hoping for campaign funding in the next election, AIPAC is killing any hopes for a settlement of the ‘Iran Nuclear Issue:’

1. Iran Must Halt ALL Uranium & Heavy Water Activity

2. Iran Must Send Previously Enriched Material To A Third Country

3. Must Cease Development Of Heavy Water Reactor In Arak

4. Iran Must Allow International Inspectors To Access Parchin Military Facility

5. Iran Must Be Subjected To INCREASED US Sanctions For Non-Compliance

Senator Ted CruzCruz filed a resolution on Saturday demanding that there be no further communications between Obama and Rouhani until Iran “recognizes” Israel as a “Jewish state.” This demand is IMPOSSIBLE to meet for those who support the “right of return” of the Palestinian victims of Jewish theft, genocide, and usurpation.

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