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White House Gate Crasher (Update)

October 4, 2013


Here's the story the mainstream media has given us:

Miriam Carey, a dental hygienist, rammed her car through a White House gate, then took police on a harrowing chase before they peppered her car with 15 bullets while her toddler was in the back seat.

According to investigators, she suffered delusions due to postpartum depression and believed President Obama was stalking her.

The Connecticut mother drove her Infiniti luxury sedan 270 miles from her home in suburban Stamford to Washington, DC - where her rampage put the nation's capital on lock-down yesterday.



Now we find out that the dental hygienist who never had a parking ticket, unarmed, baby in the back seat, was gunned down by dozens of heavily armed counter-terrorism groups from around the nation, in Washington on a “training exercise.”

Video footage shows the Capitol Police officers - who have not been paid since Tuesday because of the government shutdown - surrounded Casey's car - guns drawn.

Witnesses saw Carey plow through a temporary barrier and hit a Secret Service agent who was trying to wave her off - sending him flying onto the hood of her car.

Wasn’t it a few days ago another African America, this one a Buddhist, DOD contractor, the “perp” in the Navy Yard incident?

Let's revisit Sandy Hook for a second:

  • Mom was a teacher…then she wasn’t.
  • Mom was found dead in the school, then she wasn’t
  • Suspect killed his brother in New Jersey, then didn’t.
  • The shooter was a student at the school, then he wasn’t.
  • He drove his car, then it turned out to belong to someone else.
  • School psychologist “looked in his eyes,” then only “saw his shoes”
  • FBI agents onsite spoke to each other in Hebrew
  • Original suspect was dressed as a nun, then no longer existed
  • Other suspects arrested in video “chase”
  • They then they disappeared, unnamed, no arrest records, no police reports
  • Invisible “nun” fled in a van to a safehouse in New York
  • Safehouse was watched for days, then found to be home for two Israeli’s publishing white supremacist literature
  • Safehouse had weapons magazines (clips) but no weapons
  • Suspect shooter bought guns, trained on ranges but no records nor videos exist and all gun stores and ranges video EVERYTHING
  • Full forensic report was promised in 30 days, then 6 months now “when hell freezes over”
  • Hell has frozen over and still no report

An eye-witness, Frank Schwing, told reporters that when the car approached the area of the Capitol building, several squad cars stopped it and officers 'came out with their guns drawn'. The armed officers tried to open the passenger side door, he said. An officer even stuck his weapon inside her open passenger-side window.

But even being blocked in by cops didn't stop her. At that point, the driver slams into reverse, wheels the car around, slams into a cruiser, did a 180 degree turn and speeds off in a spray of police bullets while nearly running over several officers.

Police pursued her through the streets of Capitol Hill during a frantic chase that hit speeds up to 80pmh. Secret Service agents and Capitol police officers opened fire on the car in at least two locations near the White House and Capitol Hill. Moments later, the unarmed Carey was shot and killed - within sight of the Capitol Building - just behind the U.S. Supreme Court.

A veteran Capitol Police officer who was rushing to the scene smashed into an emergency barrier in his squad car and had to be airlifted to the hospital.

Police, including FBI and bomb disposal units, surrounded the home in Stamford that is linked to the investigation, but won't give specifics. 50 people from the apartment building already were being evacuated for the night.


Descriptions of 34 year old Miriam Carey don't fit the woman who sent Congressmen diving for coatrooms in the Capitol Building and tourists fleeing in terror after she tried to force her way into an entrance to the White House about 2pm on Tuesday.

The White House gate crasher had five sisters, one of whom is an NYPD officer. Another sister, Amy Carey - who is a nurse in Brooklyn - expressed disbelief when told about what happened to her sister by a Washington Post reporter.'That's impossible. She works, she holds a job. She wouldn't be in D.C. She was just in Connecticut two days ago,' she said. 'I spoke to her...I don't know what's happening. I can't answer anymore.'

She was not married to the father but 'seemed happy' about the pregnancy, her former boss said. Neighbor Erin Jackson told ABC she believed Carey lived in the Stamford home with the baby and the girl's father. Carey's former boss of eight years, Dr Steven Oken, said in the eight years he knew Miriam she was 'always happy' - and not interested in politics. Neighbors told the New York Daily News she was 'a nice young lady, stable'.

Carey's 18-month-old daughter Erica - who was in the back seat - was not injured, despite the Secret Service and U.S. Capitol police firing up to 15 shots into the car. She was rescued from the bullet-riddled car and is in the custody of child services workers.


Miriam Carey crashed the White House gate because, according to news media reports, she was mentally ill, delusional and believed President Obama was stalking her. Who writes this stuff???????

She's not the only one who believes Obama is stalking them. Since his election, he's been very busy stalking and fleecing all taxpayers through corporate bailout schemes, government shutdown schemes and false flag terror schemes.

It's surprising more people haven't crashed the gates including the cops who who have not been paid since the government shutdown which has nothing to do with Obamacare. http://www.helpfreetheearth.com/news905_shutdown.html

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