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Bernanke replaced By New Fed Chairman Granny

October 5, 2013


Don't let the soft spoken, smiley, grandmotherly, image of janet Yellen, the new Fed Chairman fool you. She won't be baking cookies for us. She'll be baking our bank accounts. She's rich, Jewish and a "business as usual" granny.

Yellen's annual financial disclosures that the Fed has released show Yellen to be one of the wealthiest members of the central bank’s board of governors, the New York Times reports. Check out the video to see what she’s invested in and how many millions of dollars her assets are worth.

If Obama had decided to fill his cabinet and Fed Chairmen positions with Muslim Americans or Japanese Americans or even black americans - as opposed to Jewish Zionists - it would have been obvious to the people and there would have been a revolutionary backlash.

Yet, when a clear majority of Zionist Jews are overly represented in hugely powerful positions in government and finance and doing a powerfully bad job, no one says anything. So much for diversity. If you're wondering why American taxpayers are supplying Israel with enough nuclear weapons to annihilate the entire middle east - now you know.

To know who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize... INDEED!

So, is the new fed grandmother another criminal whore or a dove? Will she finish paving the road to hell for america, all with good intentions - the best intentions?

The notion that Janet Yellen is some sort of easy money "dove" has no basis in reality. Yellen was the head of the Council of Economic Advisors during all of the deregulatory efforts of the late 1990s so she is no "outsider." Indeed, one can say she is the ultimate insider.

If liberal Democrats wanted a champion for regulation they are backing the wrong woman. What we know from her record is that Yellen is not an ideologue and that she isn't keen on rocking the boat. That means she would probably strive to keep rates low as long as unemployment was high and economic growth was low.

Yellen lived through the stagflation of the late 1970s that ultimately forced the Fed to push rates up to as high as 20%. She saw how this drastic, but necessary, action caused the markets to tumble and unemployment to skyrocket. Yellen doesn't want to be the person to hike rates out of necessity so you can bet that if there is a whiff of hyperinflation she will move to slow down the printing presses.

Being soft-spoken and grandmotherly and totally clueless doesn't make Yellen a "dove". She is part of an economic establishment whose policies allowed for the formation of not one, but two major economic bubbles to form in the last 20 years. To believe that she would respond radically different if confronted with a similar problem would be foolish.

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