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Prepare For US Miltary Coup

October 12, 2013


President Obama may not survive until 2016.

In 2010, Obama fast tracked the purge of US Military officers involved in a coup against his regime by “firing in disgrace” former Four-Star Army General and CIA Director David Petraeus.

In only two years, Obama went through three generals and fired two wartime four-star generals, setting a new record for mismanaging a war.

Obama has already survived one military coup attempt and another attempt appears to be right around the corner.


There has been a new ISAF commander nearly every single year that Obama has been in office. The only exception is 2012 when Obama was busy trying to win re- election.

The parade of musical chair generals began when Obama demanded the resignation of General McKiernan. The Washington Post called the firing of a wartime commander a “rare decision.” It was the first time since the days of General Douglas MacArthur that a four-star commanding general had been purged during a war.

The Air Force tightened controls over its nuclear weapons after a 2008 incident in which a B-52 bomber accidentally transported nuclear armed missiles across the country. That led to the ouster of then-Air Force Secretary Michael Wynne and General T. Michael Moseley, the top uniformed officer in the Air Force.


Fast forward. Two top U.S. generals - Major General Charles Gurganis and Major General Gregg A. Sturdevant were fired this year. Now, two of America's top nuclear commanders have been terminated over the secret and unsigned nuclear weapons transfer from Dyess Air Force base to South Carolina. Disturbingly, the high level suspensions of top generals within the military establishment are not the only red flags.

Before it was announced that the second highest nuke commander in the United States was suspended on the same day as the secret nuke transfer, Senator Lindsey Graham went on record saying that a ‘nuclear attack’ could come to South Carolina in the event that we did not move militarily against Syria and Iran.
This reeks of yet another false flag being orchestrated by the United States government.

But even after Lindsey Graham warned against a nuclear strike, the nuclear warheads were transfered without a paper trail and the highest level military nuke commanders were fired. The #2 in command was suspended on the exact day of the nuke transfer. The government did not want these suspensions and firings on record.


The real reason for the firings is the refusal to do the bidding of higher ups...but what was the invented excuse for the most recent firing of Major General Michael Carey from command of 20th Air Force and its 450 intercontinental ballistic missiles? The excuse was “loss of trust and confidence” in his leadership and judgment. The Air Force did not disclose what exactly Carey did wrong but provided a laundry list of things he did NOT do including sexual misconduct, adultery or drug use.

Why was Vice Admiral Tim Giardina demoted from three-star rank to two stars and reassigned from his position as deputy commander of U.S. Strategic Command? Gambling with fake poker chips.

A new commander has just been installed - Zionist Pentagon Air Force Commander Jack Weinstein who will predictably be more willing to cooperative with Israel's agenda to bomb Syria and Iran.

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