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Alex Jones Goes Hoarse At The Alamo With Strap-On

October 21, 2013


Here's media hog Alex Jones at the Alamo in Texas wearing a strap-on semi-automatic assault rifle and going hoarse yelling, "Give me liberty or give me death!" How about another cliche for dummies like, "I'd rather die on my feet than on my knees?" or "We must fight for peace?"

There's no question that the evilocracy want to disarm the nations and people of the world to make the world defenseless against their New World Order...but what's the alternative to puppets like Obama and Bush?

Would you rather be ruled by gun toting, Davy Crockett wannabes and red neck Texas megalomaniacs like Alex Jones?

What's a megalomaniac? Someone with a psychopathological disorder characterized by delusional fantasies of power, relevance and omnipotence. Who are they? The super-megalomaniacs are the Zionist banksters who finance, train and install megalomaniac national leaders as well as the leaders of revolutions and movements - like the gun rights movement - and we know who that megalomaniac is.

Several hundred gun rights activists armed with rifles and shotguns rallied Saturday outside of the Alamo. San Antonio Police Chief William McManus mingled in the crowd of about 300 to 400 while the larger police presence remained around the perimeter of the Alamo plaza.

The "Come and Take It San Antonio!" rally was more about drawing attention to Alex than to a right Texans already have — to carry long arms publicly so long as they don't do it in a menacing manner. A local ordinance effectively limits the open carrying of firearms to police and security guards...but that ordinance was not enforced Saturday. Why? Because activist celebrity Alex Jones was there.


So, what was the Alamo show all about? Besides staging more publicity for Alex, his battle cry was about rallying gun owners to defend themselves against tyranny. How do handguns, shotguns and rifles defend against the tryranny of the military's LRAD sonic weapons (Long Range Acoustic Device), nuclear weapons, nerve gas weapons, robotic and drone weapons, pandemic weapons, food and drug weapons, psychological weapons and media and money weapons. Fighting them is like putting Goldilocks in a cage fight with Anderson Silva.

Savior Alex is leading his disciples into a losing battle that will, by design, give the government an excuse to justify martial law and to imbed mark-of-the-beast chips in your body.


Isn't it strange how we regularly hear mainstream news stories about terrorists, suicide bombers and mass shooters who target innocent people in schools, movie theaters, marathons and malls. The result is always the same - more fear mongering and tighter security. Are they patsies, perhaps?

Why is it we never hear about terrorists, suicide bombers or mass shooters targeting the evilocracy who have enslaved the world in war and debt? We know who they are. There's been hundreds of documentaries and books identifying them and their crimes against humanity - the Windsors, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Warburgs, Schiffs, Oppenheims etcetera.

We know who they are and we know where they are, yet not one of them has ever been targeted. Not even the queen bee.

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