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Rob Ford Scandal Makes World Headlines

November, 2013


There's a red hot Canadian story that's so outrageous, it's making world news and it's featured on America's late night talk shows.

It's about Rob Ford, the obese, red headed Mayor of Canada's largest city, Toronto. After the Mayor's drug dealing limo driver failed at extorting a video of the Mayor in a crack house smoking crack cocaine while intoxicated, the Mayor finally admitted what he did.

The Mayor's limo driver, has since been arrested and charged with drug possession and trafficking, possession of the proceeds of crime and conspiracy to commit extortion.


Back in May, when the Toronto Star newspaper first reported the existence of the video, the Mayor lied and said he didn't use crack cocaine but now that the police have the video evidence, the Mayor admits he has smoked crack cocaine, probably "in one of my drunken stupors." He insists he is not an addict, that he won't resign and that he'lll stay on as Mayor and run for reelection next year.


The Mayor has also made homophobic comments about the leader of Canada's opposition party, Justin Trudeau, who reacted defensively when he heard that the Toronto Mayor said, "Justin Trudeau's a fag."

In 2006, when the Mayor was a member of city council, he caused what the Canadian Broadcasting Corp called "a drunken ruckus" during a Toronto Maple Leafs hockey game, shouting obscenities and insults until he was thrown out.

The Mayor has also been seen urinating in public and tossing around empty liquor bottles.

The Mayor's brother has asked for the resignation of Toronto's Police Chief. He says the Police Chief is acting like the Mayor's judge, jury and executioner. One thing is certain. Where there's a scandal, there's dirty politics being played and the Police Chief is in somebody's pocket.

Stay tuned. The video showing the mayor inebriated and smoking crack cocaine is about to be released.


The Toronto mayor scandal isn't the only scandalous news in Canada. Three senators have just been kicked out of Canada's senate without pay for allegedly falsifying their expense claims...which everybody with an expense account does including CEO's, Presidents and Prime Ministers. This scandal could have been pinned on just about anybody...so what was it really all about?

The senate scandal and back room deals lead right into the lap of Prime Minster Stephen Harper who fired his Chief Of Staff. The motive? Canada's Senate scandal was all about raising the question of whether to eliminate the senate. That's the real story behind the scandal. Once the senate is eliminated, so is their veto power and we are left with a Canadian dictatorship.

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