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Mayor Rob Ford's Movie-Book Deal

November, 2013


Remember when "winner" Charlie Sheen and his goddesses made international headlines over his drugging, arrests and unmanaged anger? Well now we've got a new "winner" making international headlines. Crack smoking, drunk driving, adultering Mayor Rob Ford and his harem of prostitutes.

His city council has literally turned their backs to him when he speaks but Ford isn't backing down despite admitting he "F'd up". Instead, he wants to put everything behind him and get crackin'.

Ford is like a pudgy Mussolini cartoon character with his red hair and his wrinkled suit jacket that looks like it shrunk in the wash. He has the belly of a pregnant woman carrying quintuplets and he uses it to bounce the swarm of photographers out his way.

Yes. Ford has dared to admit to driving drunk and smoking crack cocaine and he has even dared to use the F word in city council chambers.

Ford has become so famous that even the Ford Motor Company has entered the fray by demanding that Ford protesters stop using their Ford company logo. The Toronto argonauts football team is also demanding that Ford stop soiling their football jersey by displaying his name on it and the number 12.


Now that Ford is as big a celebrity as Charlie Sheen who earns a 6 figure salary, he has no doubt hired an entertainment lawyer and talent agent to negotiate book and movie deal offers. In the meantime, he's signing and selling bobblehead dolls of himself at $20 a pop!

While thousands of Torontonians protest in front of city hall, thousands lined up as early as 5 a.m. — to lay claim to a signed limited edition Mayor Rob Ford bobblehead. They crowded city hall in lines that looped the rotunda multiple times, hoping to get a doll before all 1,000 sold out.

Ford is playing and milking the story for all its worth with memorable, break-all-the-rules antics and quotable slurs. He throws teasers at the media about "another hanger in my closet" of skeletons. The hanger in his closet is his harem of hookers who have yet to come forward like Charlie Sheen's goddesses for their minute of fame.

What happened to all the really "important" stories like the plot to eliminate Canada's senate and veto power, the filthy Alberta oil sands, the fracking and the Enbridge plans for its 639-kilometre pipeline that runs across Toronto and could prove disastrous?

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