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Knock Out Game: Don't Fall For It

November, 2013


CNN and the fear mongering media monopolies want you to believe that "The Knockout Game Is Just A Preview Of The Chaos That Is Coming To The Streets Of America".

The game is picking out a defenseless person on the street and trying to knock them out with one punch just for the fun of it.

CNN and the other big networks are telling you that this hot new game is being played in cities all over America. They want you to believe that blacks are targeting whites and Jews in particular.


Have you noticed the long string of Zionist Hollywood's multi-million dollar, award winning movies spotlighting Jewish slave owners and white America's sick history of abuse and discrimination against blacks?

In “Django Unchained”, "the Butler", "42"(the Jackie Robinson story) and the latest "12 Years A Slave", we see whites cursing and spitting on blacks, racial hatred, brutality and whites treating blacks like farm animals. Ask yourself why Zionist Hollywood is revisitng this rabid abuse in giant screen detail? Are they trying to provoke black hatred of whites? Are they trying to provoke hate crimes by any chance? You bet they are!

Remember this - all Hollywood movies are "propaganda". The men who produce them are the same money elite who own the banks, the politicians, the military-industrial complex and "the big five" corporations.

There's a reason for the long string of racial hatred movies. They fulfill an agenda. That agenda is to provoke hatred and division. Why? Because a peaceful, united America is a strong America and that's not what they want. Their formula is and always has been a divide, conquer and rule formula. They divide us by race, age, religion, gender, class and looks-ism.


Yes. There is and there always has been isolated incidents of “knockout” attacks on strangers - most with a robbery motive, but in some cases it is part of an initiation ritual into a gang. Nothing new about that.

Police are not even certain that the game based on knocking out strangers is at all real. A Jersey City police spokesperson told the New York Times, “If there ever was an urban myth, this was it.” Ray Kelly, the police commissioner of New York City who is notorious for his Stop & Frisk policy that targets Black and Latino men, said, “We’re trying to determine whether or not this is a real phenomenon.”

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