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Meet The Real Hitler

December, 2013


Hitler was not a madman...and here's the proof.

Listen to this accurate translation of his speeches, not the propaganda that paints him as a sadistic racist madman.

Listen and judge for yourself.

The actual speech is approximately 90 minutes long but watch this trailer of "Hitler's Victory - A Final Appeal For Peace and Sanity". July 19th, 1940

The 2 hour video features the audio portion of Adolf Hitler’s "Victory Speech” on July 19th, 1940 in the Reichstag, Berlin, following Germany’s victory over France and her allies, the British, on the western front in the Spring of 1940. For the first time, you will hear Hitler’s speech, in its entirety, spoken in English.

The speech is his own narration of the events of the war up to that point, from the German perspective, regarding who and what caused the war, and the reasons for his own actions, followed by a final call to reason, in order to stop the hostilities and senseless bloodshed. The English narration is laid over Hitler’s own voice, which is still audible. There is occasionally some tape noise near the beginning which could not be removed.

No actual video of the speech itself is available; only the audio and text. Still images and actual historical film footage and quotes from that period accompany his speech. Essentially, this is Adolf Hitler’s own documentary of the events leading up to the war, from Germany’s perspective, and his record of the events that had transpired up to this stage in the war, in which he declared victory, but nonetheless, offered his hand in peace once again, and made a last appeal to reason.

Content of the Speech:

An introduction from the original German newsreels show Hitler’s dramatic arrival at the Reichstag that day, amidst the victory celebrations in Berlin. The German narrator then gives a short summation of the highlights from the Fuehrer’s speech, and you see some of those prominent figures in attendance, and get a sense of the very jubilant atmosphere. The German announcer also explained that the speech was being transmitted ‘LIVE’ via more than 1,000 radio stations and in 30 different languages world wide. So what he said was not a big secret .

Hitler began by speaking about the Treaty of Versailles and his efforts to bring about a peaceful resolution to the unjust dictates of that treaty, and how not only Germany had suffered from it, but that the world as a whole had also suffered (and was still suffering) from it economically. Hitler then explained why it was necessary, in self-defence, to invade Poland in 1939; that it was justified, based upon Polish aggression, being fomented and agitated by powerful interests in France and England.

In spite of the subsequent declarations of war by Britain and France, and even while his troops were making great progress in Poland, Hitler explained on his speech that he had been quite willing to accept mediation as proposed by Mussolini, but that the allies wanted none of it. In light of the war declarations against Germany, and due to the continued aggressive actions taken by the allies, Hitler then felt both compelled and justified to pre-emptively invade the neutral Norway to stave off the Brits and French. That was followed by invasions of Holland, Belgium and Denmark in the Spring of 1940 in order to protect Germany from military encirclement and assault. Hitler said, the evidence showed that these countries were not behaving as neutral countries by defending themselves against the British and French. He then explained how the British and French themselves had been planning to invade those allegedly neutral countries in order to attack Germany. He said that documents later found in France, proved there was a long standing conspiracy for war against Germany, and to incite war in Balkans and other places. Hitler then detailed the victory over the French, step by step, and how he finally and thoroughly destroyed the invading British Expeditionary Force at Normandy.

Secret Documents of the Allies:

One highlight is when Hitler explains that, in the course of the battle in France, a Wehrmacht soldier, while in the process of searching some train cars, found a top secret French document, which he showed to his immediate superiors, who then forwarded it to the German High Command. They then ordered a wider and more thorough search, which led to the discovery of a trove of diplomatic documents which detailed all of the allies plans and exposed in fullness their war agenda, and the names of the allied leaders who had signed off on it. Hitler also mentioned how their own intelligence agents in the UK had overheard some phone conversations of what he called “the British war mongers”, which tipped the Germans off. But he also lampooned Churchill in several segments, for his boisterousness and bravado, which tipped his hand, and also for his own bad decisions that led to several British military disasters, which Churchill was trying to somehow spin as “victories”. Hitler described the allied leaders essentially as stooges for International Jewish and Freemasonic interests.

The Military Battle on the Western Front:

Hitler took credit for the decisions made to protect Germany and for the overall war plan, but he heaped lavish praise and thanks on all of his General Staff, his long-time party comrades, and all those who heroes who made the victory possible, including on the home front. He then paid tribute to Mussolini, and the Italians, thanking them for their support and friendship, detailing their contribution. Hitler then detailed just how well prepared and united the German were, in every sense, for a long hard fight to the finish. Hitler added that he was still convinced of Stalin’s integrity regarding their friendship pact, which they had signed in August 1939 which provided security on Germany’s eastern frontiers.

In the middle portion of the speech Hitler stopped to announce a series of promotions from within the ranks of his military forces. In the interest of time and the flow of the video presentation, I have not included that segment, which lasted about 10 minutes. However, I am providing the full text of the speech in both English and German, and those documents include the list of names of the military personnel and their new ranks.

Finally, in the latter segment of the speech, after documenting all of the facts and reasons which had led to war; a war which he stated emphatically that he had never wanted, he speaks of how ridiculous and unnecessary it all was, and the needless devastation and senseless misery it had already caused. He lamented the further death and destruction that would surely come if the allies insisted in pursuing their senseless and unnecessary war. Hitler then reiterated his fear that the allies would once again, in spite of the fact that he had defeated them, try to characterize his humble and sincere appeal for peace, as a sign of weakness, and use it in the furtherance of their war agenda. Nonetheless, he followed with yet another, and this time, final appeal to the British for peace, reason and sanity. (Posted on 04/21/2013 by

Artists express on the outside what is felt on the inside.

Are these the paintings of a sadistic madman? No. Most are soft, beautiful pastoral scenes. Any trace of violence or madness is entirely absent. Hitler captures and expresses in his artwork his appreciation for the beauty in nature and architecture. That was his focus and passion. That is how he chose to express himself.

The only ture facts we know about Hitler is that he was a talented, sensitive artist and a great orator. We don't know if he wrote any of his own speeches, nor do we know if Obama writes any of his own speeches. All we know is that they are both talented, charismatic speakers.


Watch this enlightening youtube video illustrating the pre-Hitler propoganda served up by the New York Times newspaper that keeps repeating the number 6 million Jews.

These NYT articles were printed long before Hitler even came into power. These articles in the early 1900's were using "predictive programming" in advance of pre-planned wars.


Look at the relieable numbers from the 1933 and 1948 World Almanac showing the population of Jews before and after the war. If 6 million Jews had really been exterminated, it would have shown up in the population numbers...but it didn't. The numbers increased instead of decreasing. What does that tell you???
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