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Sandy Hook 911 Tapes Released Today - Listen

December 04, 2013


The 911 audio tapes of the Sandy Hook false flag operation were released today by court order. Listen - below.

CONSPIRACY THEORY: The Sandy Hook elementary school PA system was left on during the staged operation with PRE-RECORDED gunshots, screams and chaos. That's what you're hearing in these released tapes. That's what others heard that day. Remember this - the parents were never allowed to identify the bodies of the children. They were shown photo shopped pics. What happened to the children? They were kidnapped.

Authorities released the tapes after much legal wrangling with prosecutors arguing that making the calls public could be painful for victims' families. But a judge ruled last week that they could be released in order to review how law enforcement handled the incident.

In the tapes, dispatchers tell a panicked teacher to get away from the windows and urge another to apply pressure to a wound to her leg, while callers report hearing gunshots in the hallways outside.

'Something's going on, please!' a janitor pleads with dispatchers, telling them a glass window at the front of the school has shattered. 'I keep hearing shooting, I keep hearing popping!'

A female teacher pleads for help as she protects her classroom filled with students - but warns dispatchers that the door to her room is not locked. 'It sounds like there are shots in the hallway,' she says, trying to keep her voice steady.

Another woman wails: 'I think there's somebody shooting in here... Somebody's got a gun. I saw a glimpse of somebody running down the hallway. They're still shooting. Sandy Hook school - please!'In the seven calls, the operators urge those inside the school to take cover, lock the doors and keep away from the windows as they contact town officials and state police for help.

In another call, a dispatcher tells a member of the staff to apply pressure to a bullet wound to her leg.The wounded teacher, who was shot in a hallway, seeks cover in a classroom, while the dispatcher asks, 'Are you okay right now?' 

'For now, hopefully,' the teacher responds. One dispatcher can be heard telling a co-worker to get off the phone, contact state police immediately and send all the staff they can.

The operators also ask about the welfare of the children, repeatedly asking if they know of any injuries or the location of the children nearest to the school's front entrance.

A lawyer for Newtown had also warned that gunfire is audible in the background of recordings.


Calls that were made from cellphones and routed to state police dispatchers are not among the tapes.Those include calls from a woman who was injured in the foot and a parent who called from inside a conference room during the shooting, according to documents released last week by prosecutors.

#1. Crying woman calls from inside the school: 'They're still running, they're still shooting — Sandy Hook School, please!'

#2. Frantic call from custodian as shooting unfolds: 'It's still happening!'

#3. A teacher calls from inside her classroom: 'I have to go lock the door'

#4. A teacher has been shot in the foot
#5. Additional call with the custodian
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