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Mandela Died In June Not December

December, 2013


It was a perfect excuse for world leaders to meet in December during the holiday season to discuss their next move on the NWO chess board.

Despite conflicting reports, the Las Vegas Guardian Express reports that Nelson Mandela died in hospital from a recurring lung infection on June 26, 2013 at age 94 with his family around him. His death was kept secret due to a legal battle by his heirs’ over a £1million trust fund.

Reliable sources have revealed that after Nelson Mandela’s life support machine was shut down, President Zuma and the South African government continued to report that Mandela was recovering.

On June 8, 2013, Mandela’s lung infection worsened and he was re-hospitalized in Pretoria in  serious condition. After four days, it was reported that he had stabilized and that he remained in “serious, but stable condition”.

While on his way to the hospital, the ambulance carrying Mandela broke down and was stranded on the roadside for 40 minutes. The South African government was criticized for the incident when it confirmed the report weeks later. President Jacob Zuma protested: “There were seven doctors in the convoy who were in full control of the situation throughout the period. He had expert medical care.”


On June 22, 2013 CBS News reported that Mandela had not opened his eyes in days and that he was unresponsive. The family began discussing just how much medical intervention should be given.

On June 23, 2013 President Jacob Zuma issued a statement saying that Mandela’s condition had become “critical.” Zuma, who was accompanied by the Deputy President of the ANC, Cyril Ramaphosa, met with Mandela’s wife Graca Machel at the hospital in Pretoria and discussed his condition.

On June 25, 2013, Cape Town Archbishop Thabo Makgoba visited Mandela at the hospital and prayed with Graca Machel Mandela “at this hard time of watching and waiting.”

On June 26, 2013, Nelson Mandela was taken off life support after his condition deteriorated further. Sources have said that the 94 year-old Mandela died last night after his life support was shut down. A medical source explained to us that no one is left on life support after 24 hours as they are then technically brain dead.



December 12, 2013

Las Vegas Guardian Express Reports that Mandela Died on June 26, 2013; His Death Kept See cret Due to Heirs’ Legal Battle Over £1million Trust Fund (Dec. 12, 2013)


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