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What's Real? What's Not?

December, 2013


Are you seeing things as they really are? There's a lot of confusion these days about what is and what isn't real. We know the politicians, the church and the news media have been caught lying to us.

This youtube is a good example of what's real and what's not.


Some say “all is illusion” while others say it is perception that is the illusion. The definition of illusion is: "not perceiving things as they really are." The BIG illusion is perceiving the world as a duality of opposites and perceiving ourselves as separate.

We have been fooled into believing the illusion that evil is the opposite of good, light is the opposite of darkness, war is the opposite of peace, hate is the opposite of love.

Evil is not really the opposite of good. It is the absence of good. Light is not the opposite of darkness. It is the absence of darkness. Hate is not the opposite of love. It is the absence of love.

What if there were no opposites? What if opposites are really just programmed perceptions? What would a world of non-duality be like, a world of only light, peace, love and beauty without opposites?

Our perceptions have a contagious ripple effect. World rulers know this and their goal is to program us with the illusion of separateness and division to keep us trapped in their power matrix. Their media monopolies teach us what to think, how to think and how to behave. They give us our role models. We are taught to escape loneliness and mental suffering by shopping, buying, working, keeping busy, eating, drinking, drugging, relationships, gambling, sports, music, gaming, TV.

How can we transcend the illusion and experience the reality behind the MASK of duality? It starts with knowing that the so-called “real” world and everything in it is nothing more than vibrating particle-waves. Scientists tell us that there is no matter. There is no physical world. There are only particle-waves that we input with our five senses. Our brain's DNA program interprets the particle-waves into a manifested physical universe. The 3D movie screen that we think is the world that we see "out there" is NOT really out there. It is in our heads. It only has the illusion of being out there in 3D.


Fear is the enemy of transcendence. It is an energy blocker. We feel it every day from the newscasts. We experience its subtle forms as anxiety, stress, nervousness and restlessness. It is based on the illusory belief that someone or something outside ourselves can harm us or destroy our peace of mind. Once we remove the belief in separation, there is no fear. There is unity with Oneness and Creation. By embracing Oneness, we can move right through the fear to the reality beyond the illusion.


Our minds are programmed with a language of opposites so that we continually and habitually judge, compare, measure, evaluate, discrminate and criticize. Our programmed way of thinking becomes an integral part of our nature and a source of great pain and suffering.

Let's look at some examples of how our "thinking language" separates us. Look at these statements, then look deeper. What message is hidden in these sentences?

“That was good of me – I'm glad I gave that homeless person a dollar.”

“I should have given that homeless person some money.” (implying I am not good or I was wrong)

“I'm not very good at keeping my check book balanced.”

“I should get better at keeping my check book balanced.”

“Other people seem to do better than I when it comes to.....”

“I didn't do a very good job on.....”

“I hope I can get better at....”

“I really messed up....”

The message hidden in these sentences is that right NOW, I am Not good enough, need to and hope to CHANGE and be better in the 'future'.These unconscious thoughts are the source of inner doubt and insecurity.We think that by criticizing, comparing or judging ourselves, this mental activity will help us “get better” … at whatever we believe we need to do to 'improve'. If we 'beat ourselves up' ,we will teach ourselves to do better. Parents teach by criticizing, lecturing, scolding, informing that you 'disappointed' them, or worse. Then, we turn around and do it to ourselves.

Belief in this constant need for 'improvement', lies the often hidden belief that we are, somehow, flawed...not good enough—not yet...and the "yet" never arrives. It's always in the future "I'll be good enough when...." Our inner critic never seems to be satisfied, never offers a pat on the back, never says 'good job'. Why? Because we are trapped in the dualistic thinking of criticizing and judging ourselves, others and our world. We cease to live in the NOW. We never accept what in the moment. It's called non-acceptance programming. Transformation cannot occur without accepting yourself and accepting this moment -right now. This moment is all there is. It is the eternal NOW.

Another piece of this illusory puzzle is the belief that TIME can improve things. People say that “in Time you'll get over it.” It is the belief that by waiting long enough, whatever was bothering you will no longer bother you because TIME has Passed. A painful memory of from childhood can be just as strong and as raw as the pain decades earlier. We can stuff those feelings and memories in Time but Time alone, does not kill the pain.

What would it be like if you accepted the "IS' ness of this moment and every moment... right here... right now. What would it be like if you accepted this moment as Enough, as perfect as it is, with nothing that you must change? That is the gateway to transcendence.

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