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Google's Cybersheep Matrix - Updated

January, 2014


If you don't know the story behind Google - you should. You should know that you can’t do anything without Google’s approval or their knowledge. Mess with Google and you're out of business.

Is there no end to their greed or is there some other motive for Google’s supremacy over all?

First of all, it's not just the money they're after. Like god, they want to be everywhere and know everything. They are a potpourri of NSA, CIA, FBI plus MOSAD, MI5 and ex KGB all put together.


Like Google Earth, it is a giant information-gathering spy operation that can zoom in on every person on this planet with life exposing details. Every single one of us that has ever left some info on the net has turned that info over to Google.

They have your name, address, photos, social security number and what color of panties your grandma used to wear! Google is shameless and they are not acting like internet police,THEY ARE THE POLICE. The Illuminati have ruled the world from the land of shadows for centuries and now they rule from the sky.




Google just acquired Boston Dynamics. It’s the eighth robotics company the California tech titan has purchased in six months and, by far, the most significant. For two decades, Boston Dynamics has produced some of the world’s most advanced transhumanism robots.

Neil Jacobstein, co-chair of the Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Track at Singularity University, told Singularity Hub, “This is a watershed event. A very big deal. Google is buying up high potential robotics companies. Boston Dynamics is the pick of the litter.”


Even if you don’t follow technology or robots closely, you may have watched one of their viral videos with some combination of awe, fear, and the realization that robots are nowhere near as clunky as you thought they were.

The firm’s humanoid Atlas and Petman robots can balance on two legs, walk, and do calisthenics. Video of an uncannily human Petman in fatigues—the robot was built to test chemical warfare gear—drew over three million views earlier this year.

Beyond the bipedal, the company’s Cheetah robot runs faster than Usain Bolt; their WildCat robot recently took Cheetah’s tricks beyond the treadmill; their robot SandFlea leaps onto tall buildings; and LS3 autonomously follows soldiers across rough terrain, carrying gear and supplies on its back. (Check out the full roster here.)

The Boston Dynamics bots are rugged and multi-functional. And while many robotics firms are doing inspiring work, none have produced a complete package that so closely resembles the popular image of what a robot should be.

Google, meanwhile, has billions at its beck and call. They make clever algorithms with designs on artificial intelligence, own the most sophisticated self-driving car on the road, and write paychecks to AI luminaries like Geoffrey Hinton and Ray Kurzweil.

Some folks look on some of Boston Dynamics’ creations with trepidation because they have largely been funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (Darpa). It’s easy for folks to picture them in combat too.

The other seven companies acquired by Google include makers of humanoid robots, a specialist in robotic arms, a robotics software firm, and a computer vision company. It’s thought immediate applications will be industrial—the further automation of manufacturing processes and manual labor in warehouses.

Jacobstein notes Google’s sponsorship of the Lunar X Prize. Robots have been central to space exploration in recent decades, and their role may expand. Commercial Google robots may appear in years, not decades.

The company is spending some $2 billion a quarter on research and development, and robotics fits snugly into their research endeavors, particularly artificial intelligence. “AI is about manipulating information with precision and being able to do pattern recognition,” Jacobstein told us, “Robotics is about manipulating matter.”


If you list the top 100 sites in the world according to Alexa, you’ll find that 23 are owned by Google. That’s a massive share for a single company. How does Google have such a huge presence? The main reason is the large number of localized versions of Google Search, such as Google.com, Google.co.uk, Google.fr, Google.de, etc. Almost every country has one, and due to their popularity, 17 are among the top 100 most visited sites on the Internet.

The Class A shareholders of Google who also own everything else are its owners and they own the future. Like Hal in 2001, Google is a conscienceless conscious entity.


Look how fast Google has expanded from a search engine into everything else. Google has taken over blogs and put up ads in every nook and cranny of the net like millions of little spies. They offer their websites, their translator and much more. They even have a chain of fashion stores and are now making smart phones. Google Nexus One is the racehorse favorite and it's racing past Microsoft and Apple. Where is the finish line? A matrix of google controlled Cybersheep.

BTW, Google's corporate motto is “don’t be evil”. LOL!

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