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'Lone Survivor' Is Blood-Soaked War Propaganda For Idiots

January, 2014


'Lone Survivor' is a big, expensive, and star-packed battle cry for the slogan "Support The American Troops" even if the war in Afghanistan is a lie and we are occupying their land and killing, raping, looting and profiting from the opium trade. There have been more US soldier deaths by suicide than US soldiers killed in battle.

This movie stinks of propaganda. All you have to do is look at the surnames on the Execitive Producer, Producer, Writer and Director movie credits - Wahlberg, Goldsman, Berg, Levinson, Chase, Cramer, Shuman.

This movie is guaranteed to collect Oscars at the Zionist Academy Awards this spring.

War propaganda movies have been jumping off Hollywood's Zionist assembly line since WW2. Peter Berg’s big popcorn machine isn't advertising the usual baddies vs. goodies war film morality, though. For all of the excitement, intense emotions, and movie star showboating that this film is flaunting, it’s ultimately a morally offensive movie that should be met with outright hostility by all audiences outside of the USA.

For non-thinkers, the movie sends the message that war is hell but, at the same time, the message is selling war as exciting, adventurous and challenging. It's a violent big screen video game about testosterone, survival, comraderie and cartoonish stereotyped heroes versus villains. The real villains are the "unthinking" yes-sir-no-sir invaders and occupiers who are sacrificial pawns on the New World Order chess board.


by Philip Brown

The most interesting thing about Lone Survivor is something that no one making the film clearly thought about or intended. Considering the folks behind the flick wanted to position it as an Oscar contender, that’s a bit of a problem. Granted, the movie will be forgotten too quickly to cause much controversy, but it still leaves a sour taste in the mouth that warrants a little discussion.

Based on a novel that was based on a true story, the fudged-facts script follows a disastrous mission for four US soldiers in Afghanistan (the title gives away just how disastrous). The opening scenes showcase the soldiers as just good ol’ boys like us who happen to make the money to pay for their girlfriend’s decorating sprees by killing folks overseas.

Mark Wahlberg and three soldier buddies are sent out to the mountains to assassinate (terrorize) a Taliban terrorist who is defending his country...but we know he is evil based on the ominous music that the Zionist producers play whenever he’s on screen. The only trouble is that once they’re in position over the secret Taliban base, they lose contact with their superior officers in the unfriendly radio and phone conditions of the mountains. To make matters worse, a group of Afghan goat farmers who may or may not be Taliban sympathizers stumble upon their location. Unsure whether to kill the potentially innocent civilians or abandon the mission without the advice of their commanders, the soldiers decide after much debate to cut em’ loose and call it quits.

It's bad news for the American invading terrorists. Those “farmers” were connected to the Taliban and the soldiers have no way to radio for a helicopter to bring them home. So a good old fashion gunfight breaks out that lasts for about an hour of the movie.


Despite some grating shaky-cam cinematography, the flick is tense and exciting and terrifying and violent when it needs to be and will provide the target Call Of Duty-loving audience the genre kicks they require. Ben Foster, arguably the finest actor of his generation, is given the one somewhat corrupt character to play and runs with it. On a purely superficial level, Lone Survivor is a success and should play well to audiences who don’t tend to think beyond the surface.


Berg paints the Taliban soldiers in the film as figures of pure evil with spooky music to underline that fact for anyone not paying attention. Obviously any film about the US army will fall onto one side of any war, but it needn’t be as cartoonishly presented as it is here. The stereotyping and manipulation techniques that Berg employs are offensive and dangerous in terms of the impact they will have on an easily swayed audience (aka most of the people who will see this movie).

To appear fair, Berg shows a few “good” Afghan civilians who help out the Lone Survivor, but those characters are presented with equally offensive whitewashing and the dozens of innocent civilians who die in the crossfire are dismissed without any thought, while every American soldier’s death is lingered on as a tragedy. Maybe you could get away with this kind of moral simplification in the 1940s or when showing soldiers shooting Nazis, but in 2013 when depicting an unjust war it just feels gross.

Ultimately Lone Survivor is a blood-soaked B-movie that doubles down as an army recruitment film. When propaganda is presented through marketing as a self-important “serious” movie, then there’s something very wrong going on. If you’re someone who can shut off their brain for two hours and view Lone Survivor purely as a gritty action movie, then it’s certainly not without its merits. But if you’re someone who has thought at about the US’s disturbingly imperialist military approach in the Middle East for more than seven consecutive seconds, it’s a movie that will piss you off rather than entertain you.

Whether or not it’s worth seeing comes down purely to that dilemma and at least those who the movie will infuriate can take comfort in the fact that Lone Survivor should disappear from screens and the public consciousness within a few weeks. So that’s something. Sadly there will likely be more movies like this in the future, but at least they can be ignored with relative ease by anyone who doesn’t drape themselves in an American flag before going to sleep while snuggling their gun collection. 

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