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200 Military Leaders Sacked = US Military Coup?

January, 2014


You have to wonder why over 200 Military leaders have left their ranks under the Obama administration. Scandal after scandal has toppled high ranking officers.

Is there a media smear campaign to rid the military of officers with a conscience who have been spied on and who are planning a military coup?

The mainstream media monopolies serve their owners. Their job is to influence public opinion to serve their agenda. These scandals are serving their agenda.


US Air Force suspends 34 nuclear missile launch officers at Malmstrom Air Force launch base in Montana over suspicions they collaborated in proficiency tests. There are about 190 intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) launch officers stationed at Malmstrom.

This is the latest in a series of storms to hit the US Air Force. These 34 suspended officers were entrusted with the American nuclear arsenal for allegedly cheating in routine proficiency tests.

The violations include deliberate breaking of safety rules, failed inspections, breakdowns in training and evidence that the men and women who operate the missiles from underground command posts are suffering burnout.

The head of the 20th Air Force, Major General Michael Carey, who oversaw the country's land-based intercontinental ballistic missiles, was sacked in October after he went on a SEX AND DRINKING bender in a work trip to Russia. The two-star general was drunk through much of his official four-day visit to Russia, insulting his hosts and cavorting with "suspect" women, according to an inspector general's report.

It was the second firing in a week of a senior commander of nuclear forces

An investigation into his behaviour said Carey was frequently rude to his Russian hosts and others, and that he associated with foreign national women whom he acknowledged were 'suspect.'

During a stopover in Switzerland, the report reveals, he bragged loudly about his position as commander of a nuclear force, saying he 'saves the world from war every day.'

Upon his arrival in Moscow he and an unidentified man were seen visiting a nearby hotel to meet 'two foreign national women' not to return to his Marriott hotel room until the early hours of the next day.It meant he was 45 minutes late for in joining the delegation to the Moscow suburb of Sergiyev Posad. He blamed his lateness on jet lag, saying his body clock was out of sync.

He then drank so heavily at an official lunch that afternoon that he began talking loudly about sensitive issues including NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden and the civil war in Syria.The second-in-command at U.S. Strategic Command, Vice Adm. Tim Giardina, was relieved of command amid an investigation into alleged gambling issues. Strategic Command is responsible for all Air Force and Navy nuclear forces.


Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James, the service's top civilian official, said the alleged cheating at Malmstrom Air Force Base, Montana, was discovered during a previously announced probe of drug possession by 11 officers at several air force bases. Two of the officers are also in the nuclear force and are suspected of participating in the cheating ring.

General Mark Welsh, the air force chief of staff, said it could be the biggest such scandal in the history of the missile force. Welsh said one launch officer at Malmstrom was found to have sent one or more text messages to 16 other launch officers with answers to their test. Further questioning at Malmstrom determined that 17 other launch officers "self-admitted to at least being aware of material that had been shared". None of them reported it to their leadership.

The cheating came to light as criminal investigators were looking into alleged illicit drug possession by some officers at Malmstrom and other bases. Two of the officers implicated in the cheating are also linked to the separate drug case, which involves 11 airmen at six bases, officials said.

A drug probe led to the discovery of 34 officers in charge of launching nuclear missiles for cheating on proficiency tests. The cheating was disclosed by the Pentagon last week. It said then that it involved officers at five bases in the US and one in Britain. The Air Force has stripped the officers of their security clearances over the allegations.

The Air Force has come under growing scrutiny over a spate of setbacks linked to the nuclear force, amid persistent reports of low morale among the troops assigned to the mission.

Last spring, the air force decertified 17 launch officers at Minot Air Force Base, North Dakota, for poor performance and bad attitude.

The scandal at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana marked the latest in a series of damaging revelations about the country's nuclear force, including a separate probe into illegal drugs that came to light last week. The Air Force said it was the largest-ever one-time sidelining of nuclear launch officers implicating roughly 20% of the Malmstrom base's 190-member launch officer corps.

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