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Past Lives: Why Can't We Remember Them?

January, 2014


If we had past lives, why can't we remember them? This question doesn't resonate for people that don't believe in reincarnation, but for those that do, it's a big question.

Some might say, we can't remember past lives because we didn't have any past lives.

Most of us can't even remember a lot about this lifetime, let alone any previous ones.

If you could remember all of your past lives, you would probably get bored following this routine over and over again.


The standard explanation for forgetting past lives is that it would be confusing to remember that our husband was our son in a previous life.

For the scientific mind, dying and returning is like rebooting a computer. All of our memories that were in temporary storage get wiped because that's just the way things work. There might not be any other reason. If there is such a thing as reincarnation, how are memories transfered from one brain to another? In each of your lives, you would have had a different brain. If there is no physical way to do it, there would have to be a mechanism that isn't bound by the usual laws of nature. Until we come up with a method of retrieving information from the spirit world, past life memories are just that - a thing of the past.


What about all those past life regression hypnotherapists who make a living telling you otherwise? You may walk out of their office believing you were Cleopatra or Einsetin or Mother Teresa or Hitler in a past life after conjuring up some amazing stories that are just as imaginative as Elvis sightings.


But it is also possible that the forgetting is a device to keep us trapped in the 3D material world for the benefit of our rulers. Our junk DNA may be where our past life memories are stored and it's been switched off. The forgetting keeps us trapped.

Other explanations for not remembering is because we need to learn more lessons. Remembering might stop us from looking at things from a different perspective.

Do rats, snakes, flies, worms, plants or other living creatures have past lives or future lives (reincarnation)? Why would human beings have past lives and not other living things? Because we have a soul and other living things don't? How judgemental!


You might have had a million previous lives, but your current brain knows only the present one. The only really important thing you need to remember is not the details of a past life. That's not what's important. What's important is the end effect it had on your spirit and soul.

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