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1. Invest wisely

The world’s financial markets are facing a meltdown of epic proportions and the fallout is going to be massive. Anyone who is still spinning the stock market’s roulette wheel is begging to be raped and robbed.

nwo roulette


Most Americans believe that the Fed is the U.S. government. The Fed is not the U.S. government. It is the privately owned Federal Reserve banks which are owned and controlled by the banking crime families - namely the Rothschilds, Warburgs, Israel Moses Sieff,  the Lazard and Lehman Brothers, Rothschild agent Kuhn & Loeb, Goldman Sachs, the Rockefellers and others.  

Make no mistake about it. This is the same network of crime families who set up the Federal Reserve Banking system in 1913. They print America’s money and wield a total monopoly over the money and credit of American citizens.

federal reserve


Every day, the banker gangsters move trillions of dollars around the world's banking and financial markets. They decide if the markets go up or down, soar or crash. Why would they want to crash the markets? To fleece the masses and create a dependent, cashless society ruled by their one world government.

Economic booms and busts are triggered by how much money the crime families put into circulation through their loans and interest rates. To crash the markets in 1929, the Federal Reserve mafia printed a whopping 62% inflation rate and raised interest rates to an alarming 6%. While the crime families escaped the fallout, “outsiders” lost most of their life savings.  When panicked citizens lined up at the banks to withdraw their money, they got only ten cents on the dollar.

wall street crash


The banksters foreclosed on people's private property, took away their homes and farms and bought up their land for only a fraction of its true value. Homeless and desperate, many Americans set up tent cities and rode the rails looking for work.

When the Wall Street bubble bursts this time, the banksters will blame it on their phony war on terror. Before they decide to crash the market again and run off with trillions in cash and real estate, withdraw your investments from their rigged markets and invest your money in something of real value like gemstones, precious metals, food, water and living essentials.

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