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6.  Stop supporting the troops

The majority of recruited soldiers are naïve, duped unemployed teenagers who are romanced into believing they are heroes fighting for freedom. The truth is, they are trained killers fighting for the banksters who use them as expendable cannon fodder to disarm the world of weapons of resistance to their global empire.

war propoganda


Refuse to fight the banksters blood-for-profit wars. One of your government’s favorite slogans is "support your troops" which means support your troops no matter what - even if the war is a lie, even if innocent families are being bombed, burned and crippled with your tax money. Even if your tax money is paying teenagers in uniform to die by the thousands for the lie.

The Vietnam war bloodbaths didn’t end until Americans finally stopped supporting the troops. Without public support, the troops stopped fighting and threw away their medals of ‘dishonor’. Some fled to Canada as conscientious objectors. The ruling families know from past experience that the will of the people can defeat all of their military and monetary might.

stop war


Recruitment posters romanticizing war are displayed at bus stops and other locations in low income neighbourhoods. With promises of adventure, travel and a free education, naïve teenagers are lured into joining the military. After joining, they quickly learn that they have signed away control over their lives and their freedom of thought. But not all teenagers are so easily conned. They have been spray painting propaganda posters with the word “lies’ and other expletives.

dead soldier
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