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3. Overcome your fears

Fear is paralyzing and the illuminati crime families know this. They use their media monopolies to fear monger, terrorize and paralyze the masses. "You are either with us or you are with the terrorists", they warn. What that really means is "if you are with us, you ARE with the terrorists."  People are terrified of the consequences of taking action. They imagine themselves being arrested, labelled a terrorist, thrown in prison and tortured.

fear mongering

There is really only one thing to fear and that is the consequences of doing nothing. If you allow your fear to paralyze you, the coming generations of children will one day ask, “why didn’t our parents and grandparents stop these liberty crushing, genocidal psychopaths when they had the chance?” We need to remind ourselves that “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to say and do nothing”.

When people feel powerless, they try to comfort themselves with passive clichés like, “ignorance is bliss”, “you can't change the world”, "things aren't that bad", "let god take care of everything". Despite all the red flags, many people deny that a problem even exits. It does exist and the good news is - there are solutions.  

paralyzing fear

The solutions lie in knowing what the three biggest fears of the world’s ruling families are. Their first biggest fear is exposure. They have gone to great lengths to cover up their trail of crimes and win the public's trust through their media monopolies. Without public trust, their ancestral plan for global control is doomed. Their second biggest fear is losing public cooperation. If the public stops cooperating, their plan is guaranteed to fail. Their third biggest fear is intelligent organized resistance by an informed and fearless public.

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