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4. Deprogram yourself

In the 1950’s, a weapon more powerful than all of America’s weapons of mass destruction was invented. It is the weapon of mass deception and it is right in your own living room. The hypnotizing world of picture television brings you the news of the world through two central news agencies - Reuters and the Associated Press. The Rothschild family bought Reuters in the 1800’s which later bought the Associated Press and made the Rothschild banksters the owners of the worlds’ largest central news services.


The world depends on these bankster owned central news services as their main source of news and information. All of the major TV networks, radio stations , newspapers and publishing empires are controlled by the bankster money cartels through their corporate conglomerates.   

bad girls

Control over the internet, publishing, recording and top cable companies can be traced back to the same BIG FIVE media empires -  weapons manufacturer, General Electric, Time Warner,  Viacom,   Disney and News Corp. 

media monopolies


TV shows need corporate sponsors and corporate sponsors only sponsor pro-business, pro-government and mindless programming that supports the agenda of the big five media owners. While two thirds of the world goes hungry, the crime families offer million dollar reality TV contracts to talentless bimbos and kazillion dollar sponsorships to sports athletes to ‘play with their balls’.

Why? Because it keeps the masses distracted from  important issues like the passage of the Patriot Act to limit people’s civil rights and freedoms.


slam dunk

You may feel you are immune to political propaganda but your immunity is overpowered by the repetition of subliminal messages that burrow into your subconscious below your conscious radar. You cannot detect these messages because they are outside the scope of your sight and hearing range.

How can you protect yourself?  Be as aware and selective about the food you feed your brain as you are about the food you feed your body. Throwing away the idiot box is your best option. It will free up your time to help free the earth from the stranglehold of the global thieves. Be conscious of their agenda. Whatever message they are delivering, believe the opposite.

Film and television puts viewers in a relaxed and suggestible alpha and theta state. Alpha-theta states are the same states that hypnotherapists induce in their patients to access their subconscious mind.

political propoganda
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