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5. Deprogram yourself II

Religious propaganda is a powerful tranquilizer.  It teaches worshippers to adopt a passive, powerless “you can’t change the word of god” attitude. The Christian message is “Don't protest. Don't resist.  Be passive.  Jesus is coming to rescue us from the impending apocalypse.” These messages are repeated over and over again to millions of bible believers worldwide.

To carry out their New World Order agenda, the ruling crime families provide funding to the World Council of Churches to spread messages that keep the masses passive and tranquilized.

blind patriotism


Christians, Muslims and Jews have been tricked into punctuating the end of their prayers with the word ‘amen’. Amen does not mean “so be it.” Amen, which is also spelled ‘Amun’, is the Egyptian sun god that the ruling families worship.

The god Amen is said to reside in the obelisk monuments erected in his honor including the Washington Monument.  


Every Christmas, millions of people top their Christmas trees with the five pointed pentagram star associated with “Lucifer. December 25th is not the date of birth of Christ.  It is the date of birth of the Egyptian god, Horus, whose symbolic “eye and pyramid” are printed on the American one dollar bill.

Horus US Dollar

The Bible’s Book Of Revelation reveals violent and terrifying predictions of plagues, famines, wars, devils, wild beasts and rivers of blood. Many believe that these apocalyptic visions predict nuclear war, terror, hunger and unimaginable suffering for non-Christians.  

The apocalypse and End Time propaganda are big business. The Christian fiction series, Left Behind, has sold 63 million books which have been made into big budget movies. 

Is it the angry hand of god that is fulfilling apocalyptic Bible prophecies or the greedy hands of the ruling crime families who have developed climate, biological and nuclear weaponry to accomplish the task?

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