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6.  Choose a new identity

In the distant past, Planet Earth had no borders. People freely migrated from place to place without passports. In today's world, our planet has been carved up like jigsaw puzzle pieces. People are fenced inside with armed guards patrolling the borders. They must apply for passports and ask permission to step outside of their corral.

Segregated populations are given a national ID number, a national flag, a national anthem and a national identity to keep them tribal, loyal and confined within their fenced area on the world map.

earth borders


On September 11th, 2001, the ruling crime families signaled the start of their endgame with a “blame-the-Muslims” attack on New York’s World Trade Center. Their endgame is to provoke a war between Muslims and Jews, then escalate the war into a depopulating world war. To end the war, they will unveil a “peace plan” proposal that will replace national fences with a global fence, a global economy, a global army and one world government.

A borderless world is an easy sell to a naïve, bankrupted and war weary population. Ultimately, the peace plan is all about microchipping and controlling every individual on Earth from cradle to grave. 

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