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1.  Outsmart the banksters

There is still a window of opportunity to take back our planet. Connect, learn, share, brainstorm, organize and outsmart the evil doers.  Since the ruling families control both sides of every conflict, they are infiltrating and funding anti-war groups to misguide you. Beware.

What lesson did millions of protesters learn from protesting the invasion of Iraq?  They learned that peaceful protests don't work. Before joining a group, beware of "insider" activists who fear monger and who focus on evil deeds instead of  evil doers and how to stop them. Think long and hard about the message behind the anti-war rhetoric. 

Michael Moore’s message in Bowling For Columbine supports the bankster agenda. "DISARM and throw away your weapons". Without weapons, the public is defenseless against a New World Order police state. What was his message in Fahrenheit 9/11?  Blame the Arab Muslims and George Bush instead of the ruling bankster families who planned the 9/11 attack to ignite the endless war of terror and the endless public debt to them. Instead of following questionable leaders, become a leader yourself.

Create a think tank with family and friends. Since the Committee of 300 families created think tanks to mastermind a plan for global control, create a think tank to mastermind a plan to stop them. Instead of praying for someone to stop the madness – do it yourself. If 300 morally insane families can figure out how to steal the world and enslave the masses, then 300 sane families can figure out how to stop them.

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