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2.  Control your own money


Everyone who deposits money in a bank or invests money in stocks and bonds is enriching, empowering and entrusting the banksters with control over their money and eventually - control over their life. Where can citizens put their cash and valuables besides the bank? In a socket wall safe or another very good hiding place. It will prove to be much safer than a bank account or a safety deposit box. 

It's not the neighborhood thieves you have to worry about. It's the global thieves. By withdrawing your hard earned money from their banks and money markets, you are withdrawing your support for bankster financed wars, weapons, mass murder and globalization – all of which are leading to the demise of your nation and your personal freedom.

wall safe

Once you take back control over your money, you will no longer pay bank service charges, stand in bank line-ups, pay bank machine charges, pay interest on credit cards and other penalties. The ruling families will no longer be able to profit from your money or use it to pay soldiers to bomb, burn, maim, kill, occupy, colonize and steal from other countries. They will no longer be able to turn your ‘real’ money into ‘virtual’ digits on a computer screen.   


The agenda of the ruling families is to gradually phase out the world's money system and integrate all nations under ten economic trading blocks. The coming economic crash will bankrupt nations, destroy their economic sovereignty and spiral the hungry masses into anarchy and the rule of the jungle. In the midst of the chaos, the ruling families intend to unveil their global peace plan for one world government through the United Nations. The bankrupted nations of the world will be left with no choice but to turn their right to govern over to a world government.

Remember, every dollar that you keep out of the bank is a dollar kept out of the pockets of the banking mafia who are using your money to enslave you.

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