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3.  Learn survival skills

Survival isn't just about saving your skin, it’s about saving your soul. Let's start with your skin. What can you do if there's a market crash, rioting and a third world war? It’s easy. Buy a camping backpack from a thrift store, throw the right stuff inside and presto! You’ve got yourself a survivor kit. 

Travel light and be fit enough to walk 10 miles a day. You'lll need water and electrolytes salt. Tea is important for calories and minerals and for staying awake. Avoid dehydrated food or dried fruit because you need to add water or it will dehydrate you - especially if you can’t add water because of nuclear fallout. Canned and preserved jar foods are your best bet and salted nuts in sealed bags - no pretzels.  Take a mirror for an SOS signal, a swiss army knife, axe, scissors, razor blades, leatherman (or similar multi-tool), hammer, nails, sharpening steel, a flint to start fires and a first aid kit.


You'll need a gun and ammo for protection, a tent, a Gore-Tex sleeping bag,  multifaceted work gloves for climbing, bear spray or mace, a single propane stove item, iron skillet, metal cup, utensils, cheesecloth or screen for straining water, candles and matches in a waterproof case and flashlight. Take at least 100 feet of nylon rope, fishing net, hand-cranked radio, rain poncho, heavy trash bags, sewing kit, leather and denim scraps for patching and extra socks.

Don’t forget meds, a compass, an area grid map, a round angle protractor and grease pencil, conversion charts, weather and almanac stuff, a diary, pen and some large paper. You can survive 21 days on water alone.  If you can make tree bark tea, you’ve got about 6 months. Pine and maple tree bark are good. Strip bark like eucalyptus and birch are bad. Boil the bark and be sure you have enough nutrients to get by.

survival kit

Few people are aware that the apocalypse has already begun. You are already in the clutches of the diabolical crime families who legitimize themselves through deception. Ultimately, the battle is for your soul. 

How can you defend your soul against the forces of evil? You can begin by erecting a wall between your soul and the New World Order and establishing a balance between the sacred and the profane. That means tuning out the TV, internet and media propoganda in general. Just as you nourish your body with food, feed your soul with nourishing thoughts, sights and sounds.




Your soul reaches out for beauty, grace, harmony, truth and goodness. Ask yourself regularly, “Which dog is heavier, the black dog or the white dog?” The answer is: “It’s the one you feed the most”. Stop feeding the black dog by obsessing over the evil doers and their evil deeds. Develop your extrasensory powers (esp) and align yourself with the wisdom of the universe and with intelligent good deeds and people. They are everywhere.


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