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5. Expose the ruling families


Name names. Connect the evidence dots. Research, track and profile the ruling illuminati families, their biographies, blood lines, intermarriages, family history, horrific crimes against humanity and their New World Order agenda.  Find out where they live.  Photograph them and put the blame on them - not on their faceless corporations. Ordinary people with shares in giant corporations like Exxon are powerless. The only shares that matter are the class A shares which are all owned by the ruling crime families.



Google the key members of the inbred Illuminati families and bloodlines beginning with the Rothschild dynasty. Track the Rothschild connection to J.P Morgan, Schiff, Oppenheimer, Warburg, Sassoon, Rockefeller, the royal families of Europe and the British East India Company.

The illuminati crime families have gone to great lengths to cover up their trail of crimes and win the public trust through their media monopolies. Without public trust and cooperation, their ancestral plan for global control is doomed.  They know from past experience that the will of the people can defeat all of their military and monetary might. Vietnam is a perfect example.

There is no doubt whatsoever that the ruling crime families can be totally defeated by an informed and fearless public.

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