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3.  What is smart money? 


Smart money is the money you have in your own hands.  It’s real money. Once it’s in the bank, it becomes virtual and 'deletable’. Credit card companies are involved in a conspiracy to keep you in escalating debt - permanently. That handy piece of plastic in your wallet is the cause of your spiraling personal debt.

The average American has about eight credit cards and is carrying roughly $9000 in credit card debt. The minimum monthly payment used to be 5% but the bankers changed it to a 2% minimum to encourage people to splurge. If you miss a car payment, mortgage payment, cell phone bill or any other payment, your APR can automatically skyrocket to as high as 25-35%.  There’s no limit on late payment charges because there’s no law preventing the banksters from charging you loan shark penalties.

debt trap

With no federal limit on interest rates, the banksters can charge you whatever interest they want. Cash advances hit credit card holders twice in the wallet. If you take the time to read the fine print on your credit card contract, you will discover a web of deceit. It’s all about getting you hopelessly enslaved in never-ending debt and living from paycheck to paycheck.  

debt slaves
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