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4.  Take back retirement funds


Chances are your retirement funds are stuffed together with investments in tobacco companies, pornography, gambling casinos, weapons makers who support oppressive regimes, assorted major polluters and biotech giants like Monsanto who genetically engineer your food.  

Your pension plan is designed to pay you a specific amount of money at your retirement. To make your retirement money grow, the company you work for invests it not on your behalf but on their behalf. Instead of investing it in something safe like bonds, some companies and governments invest your retirement money in the stock market. They gamble your money and collect the profits for themselves.


pension thief

Companies like the infamous Enron corporation “cooked the books” and grossly "overestimated" how much projected profit they could keep after investing their employee’s retirement money. Your pension plan may be grossly “under funded” because the company or government you work for have made bad stock market bets with your retirement money.  

By withdrawing your retirement funds now, you will pay a hefty penalty but at least you will have the funds – unless of course the funds have already been looted.

Enron crooks


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