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5.  Avoid taxes


About fifty percent of all U.S. Federal spending goes to the military - nearly half of the world total. Military taxes are spent protecting and expanding the vast corporate wealth of the banksters who have no conscience about causing human death, suffering and environmental devastation.

As a taxpayer, you cannot ignore the fact that your labor and tax money pays for bombs and pays men in uniform to kill, maim, steal and colonize.  The blood of innocent families who try to defend their land against your country’s military aggression and occupation is on your hands.

IRS mafia

Many War Tax Resistance websites offer guidelines on how to stop paying taxes that finance endless wars, mass murder, widespread misery, ecological devastation and the advancement of the bankster agenda. Your government cannot arrest an organization of tens of thousands of people for refusing to sponsor death and suffering with their tax dollars.

avoid taxes


In the beginning, citizens of the youthful United States of America paid no taxes whatsoever. America supported itself from import duties and excise taxes. Then, along came German bankster, Paul Moritz Warburg, and changed all that. The Federal Reserve system was created along with the Internal Revenue Act and the Income Tax Act as a way to collect public debt for America’s costly wars.

 Paul Warburg


Without exception, all of America’s costly wars including the American Revolution and the War of Terror have been premeditated, provoked, financed and maintained by the bankster crime families who profit from war loans and interest rates.




Most people believe that their tax money pays for roads, bridges, schools and public services. The truth is that every penny of your tax money pays for your nation's national debt to the banksters. The banksters then loan your tax money back to your government to pay for public services AND they even charge interest on your money that has already been taxed! Before America bombed, disarmed and occupied oil rich Iraq and opium rich Afghanistan, every citizen in America owed the banksters $70,000 per citizen in national debt and about $9,000 in personal debt.

national debt


Over your lifetime, you will pay more than one million dollars in debt to the bankster crime families.  Besides your federal taxes, you also pay debts to them on your mortgaged house, car loan and student loans. Then there's your property taxes, gas taxes, food taxes, clothing taxes and dozens of other taxes and fees that end up lining the banksters corporate pockets.


debt slaves


Collectively, you and your countrymen willingly hand over billions of dollars annually to the banksters by depositing money in their banks, paying taxes to their privatized central banks, supplying labour to their corporations, buying stock in their corporations and spending your hard earned savings on their corporate products at their corporate malls and chain stores.

The truth is, you and your government owe absolutely nothing to these banker gangsters who have conned and hoarded not billions but trillions in profits through provoked wars and loan sharking.  How can this endless tax and debt cycle be broken?  One option is to declare personal bankruptcy. Don’t worry about losing your credit rating. There are plenty of companies more than willing to put you back in the debt saddle again even with a bad credit rating. The best way to break the debt cycle is by joining ‘no military tax’ organizations and refusing to pay.



On an international level, citizens must organize and demand the cancellation (not forgiveness) of world debt to the crime families and outlaw privatized central banks. The bankster families must be brought to justice before an international citizen’s court and be made accountable for their devastating crimes against humanity and the environment. 

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