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2.  Stop donating


Stop donating money to rigged charities. Most of the money pays administration fees and never reaches the needy. Donations for medical research often ends up in the hands of researchers who conduct cruel and inhumane experiments on caged animals.

The bankster controlled pharmaceutical industry has no intention of finding a cure for cancer or any other disease that would cut into their stupendous drug profits. Their research is all about developing drugs to relieve symptoms, not cure disease.

world wildlife fund

The ruling families have set up charities and foundations like the Rockefeller, Mellon, and Carnegie Foundations to build a friendly charitable image of themselves and to cover up their real agenda. These big charities are a “money grab”. They serve as a hiding place for laundering dirty money from their drugs and weapons trade. Queen Elizabeth Windsor’s husband, Prince Phillip, is the international president of the World Wildlife Fund which is one of the worst offenders.

Make your donations count by direct donations of clothes, food, shelter and personal labour to the needy and to small community groups or individuals who you know and trust.


 money laundering
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