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3.  Refuse the chip


First it was cattle. Then it was pets. Now it's people. Motorola has developed microchips the size of a grain of rice that contain a transponder and a rechargeable battery. These new "microchips" will replace all of the cards in your wallet. Without a chip implant, you will not be able to withdraw money from a bank, receive benefits from the government, buy or sell food or take care of yourself and your family.

microchip impnats


The chip will include data on your family history, address, occupation, medical, military, criminal and psychiatric record, credit history and your income tax information.

In 1997, the “Digital Angel” microchip was implanted into humans in the U.S. It sent and received signals using the Global Positioning Satellite (GPS). It even monitored a person’s temperature, pulse and body functions and transmitted the information instantly to a monitoring station.

microchip injection


Think about what this means! Applied Digital Solutions  produced the controversial "Digital Angel" tracking device as well as the "Verichip". They developed the technology using satellites capable of hunting people down like stray dogs. In some U.S. jails, prisoners have had their hands or heads implanted with microchips. If the prisoner rebels, the guards can push a remote control button which instantly sends a message to the prisoner’s brain and paralyses him.

It’s just a question of time before governments use their phony war of terror as an excuse for mandatory microchipping of the population for personal identification.  Will they do it with your consent, through martial law or will they do it secretly without your knowledge through vaccine injections? A National ID card containing biometric information is the first step to microchipping the population. Once you are chipped, the New World Order gangsters will be capable of tracking, controlling and owning your existence from cradle to grave.

Big Brother