The royal scandal parodies illustrated in this E-comic book are based on verifiably true news stories
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Once upon a time, a girl named Kate made a wish upon a star. Her wish was to someday marry a prince just like in the Cinderella fairytale.

Kate coaxed her parents into sending her to the same school as Prince Willy so she could seduce him into marrying her.


  At Saint Andrews, Kate found her fairytale prince, alright. The campus was buzzing with tales that the prince was a fairy.         Meanwhile, back at the palace, the Queen got wind of the scandalous rumors that her grandson Willy liked willies.
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The Queen commanded Willy to butch it up for the paparazzi and do manly drive a tank, fly a plane, play polo and find a girlfriend.


Kate needed advice... so she called her Jewish mother, Carol Goldsmith who reminded her that the family had invested their entire life's savings in her wish to snare the prince. Kate was left with two choices. Commit suicide or come up with plan B.




William & Kate E-Comic Book

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