Oprah 2020 or NOprah?

January 2018After her inspiring Golden Globes speech, Oprah Winfrey has been touted as presidential material. But does her track record reveal someone rooted in heart, trust, science and vision for the future of humanity?

John a NOprah. He says, "This whole thing is so frustratingly ignorant. Come on people. Wake up! We don't need another rich celebrity in politics. No matter what they claim, they're not for the middle and poor classes. If they were, they wouldn't have hundreds of millions in the bank They would be using those resources to help instead of having them gather interest that they will NEVER be able to reasonably spend. These people don't have a clue about politics, let alone being in touch with the common man. It doesn't matter what their early lives were like, they all have lost touch because of the vast amounts of money they have collected. All this celebrity worship garbage is part of the problem we have as a civilization. THEY ARE JUST PEOPLE. The only difference is that they have been lucky (or corrupt) enough to have made lots of money. Money does not make them special, it does not make them better than you, and it does not mean they are good people.

Secular Guy is an Oprah 2020. He says, "I would vote for her, if it saved us from another 4 years of Trump. But she's far from my ideal candidate. It's just that Trump and his administration is so bad, virtually anybody is a step up. And yes, I am willing to vote for the lesser evil, if it saves us from another 4 years of the worse evil. I say this as someone who has always been indifferent to Oprah. I never got the 'Oprah fever' nor did I find her speech at the GG particularly inspiring. I just think that anyone else, anyone else, would be better in the White House, than the incompetent, dangerous egomaniacal fool we have in there now."

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