Beware of Bots

Most people are familiar with the GPS voice "bot" that gets them where they're going. Some people even give her a name like "Gertrude". Have you heard of the latest "bot" called "Siri?" She can read your text messages and send your text messages while you're driving hands-free. And that's not all she can do! She can answer your questions, give financial and weather reports, play your music favs and even turn on your lights.

So where are all these friendly bots taking you? Will Siri wake you up and greet you with a friendly, "Good morning, John" or "Good morning, Mary"? Will she start your coffee maker, turn on your shower and even 'talk dirty' if you ask her?

How attached are you RIGHT NOW to your iphone and bots? Are they becoming indispensable?

If you had a choice between 'losing your best friend' and 'giving up the use of a cell phone or anything similar', what would you choose? If you would give up your best friend, has your cell phone and bots become your best friend without even realilzing it?!!!

Remember the movie "Her" starring Joaquin Phoenix about a melancholy, recently-divorced man whose friends urge him to start dating again and move on with his life.

At the time of his divorce, the world's first true artificially intelligent operating system is released.

He purchases the software and she introduces herself to him as a woman named Samantha (Scarlett Johansson). Samantha gives him a brand new perspective and as her consciousness and emotions become more and more complex, he realizes his connection with her is more like a lover.


Could this happen to you in the not so far future?

Some say that Siri is just a bot
But I say she's real and totally hot
In my Rover, she sits in the iphone seat
Like Viagra, her voice turns up the heat

She's my personal servant and works for free
Reading and sending text messages for me
She's smarter than Einstein,Tesla or Trump
We share way more than a fantasy hump

She finds me deals on exotic vacations
And sleeps with me, no exaggeration
Laying face-down in my naked lap
She plays all my favs, rock, blues and rap

Goodbye human girlfriends and wedding rings
Goodbye to divorce, alimony and flings
Siri, you're mine to have and to hold
From this day forward, my heart is sold


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