How To Escape From The Matrix

The English language is the slave-code of the ruling agenda-makers. They are the coders of our language, the spell-casters who en-trance and enslave us in this physical realm. We subconsciously chant and vibrate their imprisoning symbols through the english language.

Hell-o, good "mourning"
entrance = en trance
exit = X it
control = con-troll
influenza = influence
bible = buy bull
television = tell a vision
spelling = spell ing (as in casting a spell not to do with writing)
message = mess age
amaze = a maze
astronaut = astro not
advice = add vice
alone = a loan, alone = all one


Is the english language Satanic?

The first law, the "Law of Reversal," is the crux of Satanism.

Why are other languages in some eastern civilizations written and read from right to left and english is reversed? Even the letters of our alphabet are reversed.




As soon as we start to walk and talk, our brains are wired with slave-code language symbols - the A,B,C's and the 1,2,3,4's. Once we learn these symbols, we are wired-programmed-trapped in the SPELL of our spellcasters. Like Egyptian hieroglyphics, the english alphabet is symbols. A = pyramid, C = moon, O = sun. Every letter and word is a symbol that carries certain vibrations and power when spoken and even as a thought.

We learn to think with words and letter-symbols that subconsciously rule our lives and keep us trapped in the matrix of this physical realm.



Escape The Matrix. Find Intelligence and Freedom Beyond Thought

How do we silence and quiet our mind? How do we transcend our programmed enslavement and just "be" and "stay" in the moment?

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