Were Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain Ritual Murders? Here's Proof!

According to the corporate-controlled media - Kate Spade hung herself with a red scarf on a doorknob in one of the bedrooms of her luxury Park Avenue home.

STOP AND THINK! Ask yourself - How high are doorknobs? Wouldn’t your feet and probably your whole body touch the floor? Second of all, what kind of scarves make good suicide scarves? How many people own one that's strong enough for the job? Kate Spade was famous for designing affordable handbags but did she also design a suicide scarf strong enough for the job?

Suicides Using Scarves and Doorknobs

L'Wren Scott also allegedly committed suicide by hanging herself with a scarf from a doorknob. As the former girlfriend of bankster godfather, Nate Rothschild, she lived dangerously and knew too much. Three more victims of reported scarf-doorknob hangings include Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington from Linkin Park and actor Robin Williams. Is hanging oneself on doorknobs with scarves trendy or is something else afoul?

Spade, 55, was found by a housekeeper hanging from a RED scarf on a doorknob inside her upper east side home around 11 a.m. Tuesday, police sources said. “Weird this is the same way L’Wren Scott killed herself,” mused a police source. “Wonder if it was intentionally done that way.”

L'Wren Scott’s lifeless body was found by her assistant in 2014. She was hanging from a door knob with a RED scarf around her neck in her Manhattan home.

Is death by doorknob a warning from the real RITUAL killers?

Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain's deaths were spun by the media to look like suicides by hanging. Bourdain is said to have hung himself with his bathrobe belt.





Robin Williams supposedly hanged himself with a tie from his doorknob.

The Queen of the Netherlands sister just “hung herself” from her door knob. That particular Queen stepped down after allegations of having “hunts” where children were raped and massacred by her dinner guests.

Fashion Designer Alexander McQueen hung himself with a scarf on his closet doorknob.

Aaron Schwartz hung himself on his doorknob after he hacked into MIT Computers and found a huge stash of Child Pornography.

Michael Hutchence from the band INXS hung himself from his doorknob.

Chester Bennington hanged himself with a belt from his doorknob. Chris Cornell hung himself with an elastic workout band tied to a carabiner from the doorknob in his hotel bathroom (Bennington and Cornell were fighting to save kids from High Level Pedophile Sex Rings).

Kate Spade and L’Wren Scott both hung themselves with red scarves from their doorknobs.


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