Rape Prevention - New Weapons


October 2018

Being a rapist just got a whole lot more dangerous.

With the growing "Me Too" movement, there's a long and expanding list of rape prevention weapons for women.


This is the latest and it's a vicious one. It's almost as vicious as the rape act itself. This newest weapon is called a "cockscrew". It's an upsidedown fish hook that is attached inside a rubber holder.

The cockscrew is inserted into the vagina and when an unwanted penis enters, it is mangled with barbed hooks. When the rapist withdraws, he takes the cockscrew with him and detaching it would probably require medical help. This gives the victim plenty of time to escape.





A condom called Rape-Axe, an anti-rape condom to be worn by women, comes with jagged teeth that will dig into your attacker's sensitive area when they try to force themselves on a victim. Argh!

Invented by Dr. Sonette Ehlers, the contraption isn't meant to simply wound. Instead, it tears deep into the skin and affixes itself, requiring medical attention in order to be removed. Yes, rapists will now have to visit a doctor and expose themselves as such, lest they risk permanently damaging their members trying to pry it out themselves.



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