Erasing Our Human History


The movie 'Yesterday' makes you question everything you think you know and remember - not just about Pop Music but about our entire human history and how it could be erased in seconds.

The basic premise of the movie is that there's a struggling musician named Jack who is down on his luck. He experiences a pivotal reality-altering event when he is hit by a bus. At the same time, there is a global electricity BLACKOUT. For 12 seconds, the entire world loses power. When electricity is restored, everything appears to resume to normal - but some reality-altering changes occur during the blackout. Jack is hospitalized and when he recovers, he realizes that nobody in the world has ever heard of The Beatles. Somehow, the global timeline got screwed up during the BLACKOUT but he is unaffected because he BLACKED OUT at the time. The plot chronicles Jack's rise to fame as he re-creates iconic Beatles songs that the public never knew existed.

Yesterday appears to be a comedy but it incorporates clues to the hidden nature of our reality. Is "Yesterday" a form of 'predictive programming' induced by the Zionist media owners? Is it a soft-disclosure subconsciously exposing us to the idea that our reality is more flexible than we realize? Are these media-movie-music industry owners and programmers capable of making our historical 'yesterday' disappear from our memories?

In the end, the 'Yesterday' movie does not reverse the world's collective memory loss. It ends without going back to the way things were before the blackout. The Beatles continue to have never existed and the film just... lets it be.

What would the world be like without our memory of The Beatles music or without our memory of our human history? It would be dreadful but we wouldn’t know it because we wouldn't know it ever existed in the first place. The film’s concept demands that the audience accept chaos theory.



Here is an example of predictive programming practiced by the Zionist media owners who have foreknowledge of their "planned" events to come.

In case you think their foreknowledge is coincidence, then follow these links:

Sandy Hook:


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