Kobe Bryant's Helicopter Crash seen in 2017 Cartoon

QAnon and others are suggesting that Kobe Bryant’s death may have been intentional in an effort to distract the public from the impeachment trial against the president and overshadow it.

Q believers often suggest that the deceased may have been silenced for preparing to reveal secret information detrimental to the president’s enemies. "What did Kobe know?”


2017 cartoon episode from The Legends of Chamberlain Heights in which Kobe Bryant dies.


Kobe was sacrificed with Mr. Peanut

Conspiracy theorists believe thay have decoded the killing of Mr. Peanut. Watch the video of Kobe with a little boy dressed as a peanut with"Catch us if you can" playing in the background. A taunt at the white hats.

In last year's ad, Kobe is seen driving a vehicle with a child dressed in a peanut costume. Food company Planters announced last week that it had killed off their iconic mascot Mr. Peanut.

Jimmy Kimmel made the joke that Mr. Peanuts had been cremated. Kobe Bryant perished in a ball of fire.



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