"Women are nothing but machines for producing children" - Napoleon Bonaparte

It's dubbed the "woman in the home" clause. Article 42.1 of the Irish Constitution states that every woman should know where her place is in society. And that place is at home, having babies and minding the house. "By her life within the home, woman gives to the State a support without which the common good cannot be achieved." Constitutionally the words "woman" and "mother" are interchangeable. Does this mean that after menopause, women should be killed since they can't breed?

Did women evolve with a biological urge to breed, talk baby-talk, change poopy diapers, vacuum, cook, clean, shop and save coupons?



Voluntary childlessness or being 'child free", is the voluntary choice to NOT have children.

Corinne Maier is the author of "No Kids: 40 Reasons For Not Having Children". She believes in living 'child free' for these reasons:

  • people have children for the wrong reasons - fear of being alone, social pressure, reproducing one's genes ( narcisism), having offspring caretakers in old age.
  • dislike of children's company (baby-child talk, screaming, complaining, neediness, messiness)
  • lack of the so-called maternal instinct.
  • career orientation
  • dislike of the childbirth experience - nausea, long, painfiul labor, contractions, forcing a 13 3/4 inch (35 cm) skull through the vagina, breast leaking, raw nipples, post-birth bleeding, sleepless nights.)
  • dislike of the effects pregnancy on the body (weight gain, stretch marks, drooping breasts, swollen ankles, hyperpigmentation on the face, looser pelvic muscles leading to reduced sexual pleasure, haemorrhoids, urinary incontinence, possible death, possible baby birth defects, etc.
  • belief one can make a greater contribution to humanity through one's work than making babies.
  • belief it is wrong to have a child with so many unwanted children needing adoption.
  • the political belief that it is immoral to bring more people into a world of mind-controlled debt slavery to the ruling crime families.

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