Nancy The Ripper (Satire)

After she ripped Trump’s speech up on TV, the right called her crazy and "Pelosi Meltdown" was trending on twitter.

Many Americans, particularly women, feel disgust and hatred for Trump, and it was symbolically expressed in Pelosi’s theatrical shredding of Trump's "lying manifesto" at his State Of the Disunion re-election speech. The day after Trump's fake news speech, we are not talking about Trump. We are talking about Nancy the Ripper.

When President Trump battles with a woman, he lobs insults about their appearance like “horseface” and “ugly” and “dog.” Trump has never before faced a castrating adversary like Speaker Pelosi. For a president who prides himself on being a master negotiator, Ms. Pelosi is a different kind of opponent who has flummoxed him. She is her own boss. Under the Constitution, she is a leader of a branch of government that is equal to him as chief executive.

Dealing with a woman with power equal to his is a first for Trump because he has the perception that he is the most powerful person in the world. Unlike Hillary Clinton, Ms. Pelosi is not running a race against the president and she is not going away. She is blocking him from getting something he desperately wants: a wall along the southern border with Mexico that was a core promise of his 2016 campaign.

Gwenda Blair, a Trump biographer, said Mr. Trump typically viewed women as “easier targets” in negotiating sessions. He knows how to emasculate men and he attempts to shame women about their appearance, but he doesn’t have a useful weapon in his Pelosi relationship. He has yet to give her a nickname that will stick. Criticizing her appearance would be very risky, so he’s stuck. She’s got power. You don’t want to unnecessarily insult her because that won't get him a better deal.

Nancy the Ripper has used Mr. Trump’s playbook against him. She described his demand for a wall as “a manhood thing for him” during a private session with Democrats. The comment quickly leaked out. At other times she has cast Trump as a temper tantrum toddler. “

Tom Davis, a Republican who ran the party’s campaign committee said, “I think she’s shown she’s an iron woman — and tough as nails.”

Nancy The Ripper For President?

The democratic party is in trouble with four uninspiring top candidates. A gay small town Mayor. An elderly socialist-communist who had a recent heart attack. A schoolmarmish Pocahontas. An elderly, stumbling has-been.

It is now clear which Democrat would have the best chance of beating Donald Trump in 2020: Nancy Pelosi. She is enjoying not only a last laugh but also a major comeback—mostly because she has been more successful than any other Democrat at outmaneuvering and outfoxing the impeached President.



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