2020: And The Winner is...

When Mike Bloomberg, the Jewish billionaire and former mayor of New York City entered the race in November, people shouted, "No way! The election can't be bought!" WRONG. All elections are bought. Presidents are selected, not elected.

Self-funded Bloomberg isn't throwing his millions around in ads just for the fun of it. He has already risen into the top tier of candidates in some polls. A Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll has Bloomberg fourth among Democratic voters, with 9% of the vote. A Morning Consult poll puts Bloomberg at 12%, just two points behind Elizabeth Warren.

Bloomberg bought his way onto the debate stage by "arranging" a change in the DNC rules which will spotlight him in televised debates. The televised debates are in New Hampshire on Feb. 7, Nevada on Feb. 19 and South Carolina on Feb. 25.

Bloomberg is targeting the 14 “super Tuesday” states that will vote on March 3, with about one-third of all Democratic primary delegates up for grabs. His ad spending approaching $300 million—including $11 million for a Feb. 2. highlighting his efforts to reduce gun violence are dwarfing his opponents.


Like Trump, Bloomberg is a heavyweight and all of his democratic opponents are lightweights. A white, gay small town mayor. An arm-waving white granny with spectacles. An elderly finger-pointing white communist who just had a heart attack. A stumbling, elderly, white VP has-been. None of these candidates can compete in the ring with Trump. They're TKO's and it's all by design.


The Democratic nomination is still up for grabs and Bloomberg’s bottomless spending will buy the BLOOMBERG-CLINTON WINNING TICKET. With Hillary as his running mate, Bloomberg is certain to win the Presidency in 2020. Watch for the crowds waving Magic Mike signs.

The New World Order and one world government is closer than we think with Jerusalem as our world capital!!

Watch Hillary on the Ellen show promoting her new book and documentary and hinting she will run for Vice-President against Trump.

Go to 17:15 near the end of the interview for the confession.


One of hundreds of Bloomberg Advertisements to win you over


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